Monday, 13 March 2017

This Little One And I

I've just entered the third trimester at twenty eight weeks pregnant.

I am feeling well today after a really difficult day yesterday, I've washed my hair put a little makeup on and so wanted to capture this moment while I could. 

It has been such a challenging pregnancy that there have been no opportunities for photographs, I need to really make the effort to capture a few shots through these last few months so that this little babe and I have something to look back on in the future.  

And so here I am big and blooming, wearing an oversized loose fitting dress that might not necessarily be the most flattering but is so very comfortable, which for me at the moment means everything.

This little one moves so much and It's such a wonderful awe inspiring feeling!

Niah kisses and cuddles the bump every day without fail, she talks about the baby all the time, says good morning and good night and sings to the baby regularly, she's been so sweet and is so excited, she's going to make such a wonderful big sister.

We are starting to make a few preparations, Alex brought home some teeny tiny newborn nappies from the super market this weekend, and I will soon start washing the babies clothes and get those put away, and begin picking up some things for my hospital bag. 

It's so special to think of this new little soul that has chosen to join our family, motherhood is such a beautiful blessing, thank you for this day of wellness where I am able to reconnect with the positivity and joyful magic.

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  1. You look must be so lovely to be collecting items for the new baby (although judging by your bump, do you think 'teeny tiny nappies' are going to be ok? :-D xxx