Monday, 20 March 2017

Happy Spring Equinox

As much as I adore the silliness of Winter, by the time we reach the end of February I am really ready to welcome the Spring. 
It's so wonderful to have such a poignant reminder of the life force that lies within, I look at the beauty of new life around me, slowly emerging from its dormant state and feel my energies reemerging from their dormant state too.

Tune in to the reawakening of life around you and feel uplifted.

have recently been enjoying the writings and teachings of John O' Donohue, the Irish philosopher and poet. 
Let me share a few words from his book Eternal Echoes-

Our Longing for nature.

'Celtic spirituality reminds us that we do not live simply in our thoughts, feelings or relationships. We belong on the earth.

The rhythm of the earth and it's seasons sings within our hearts.
Perhaps nature even senses the longing that is within us, the restlessness that never lets us settle. She takes us in to the tranquillity of her stillness if we visit her. We slip in to her quiet contemplation and inhabit for a while the depth of her ancient belonging. Somehow we seem to become one with the rhythm of the universe, our longing is purified and we gain strength to come back to life refreshed, and refine our ways of being in the world.

Nature calls us to tranquillity and rhythm. When your heart is confused or heavy, a day outside in natures quiet eternity restores your lost tranquillity.'

This is how I would explain my relationship with nature, It is my oldest companion, my most faithful friend and is always sure to nourish and cure me like nothing or no one else can. Within nature I am able to quiet my busy mind and soothe my aching heart. It is often quite rare that I feel I fit in to society but when I am in nature I know I belong. Many find God within churches and temples, it is within the wild places that I am most able to access divinity.

Take the time to enjoy natures beauty in the Spring, Green shoots, newly opened flowers, blossom adorning the branches of the tress, birdsong, butterflies and sunshine to warm your face, It's a wonderful time to be alive.

The Seasons, Nature, Niah and I . . . .

Last Summer we were lucky enough to buy the little house we've rented for the last three years, since then we have slowly been moving through each room with fresh coats of white paint.
After co-sleeping with us for two years, Niah was ready for her own bed, I still wanted her in the same room as us and so I made this area for her in the alcove over by the window, she was so very excited when I first revealed it too her and she has slept most contentedly in her little nook for the last six months.

She has a little french porcelain vase in one of her house shaped shelves which depending on the season has various stems placed inside, during the winter she had a sprig of Holly, a stem of rosemary or a little evergreen branch, and at the moment she has a Daffodil for the Spring. It's a very simple and beautiful way of teaching her about nature within the seasons.

I also change to crystal there too depending on the season and how I think Niah is feeling at the time, at the moment she has Citrine a joyful stone with a bright and cheerful energy, perfect for the Spring.

Niah has been drawing so Beautifully this last month, she still creates very abstract paintings which I love, but also alongside them she has now started drawing people, little, creatures and animals, they have filed my heart with so much joy!
For about a week she drew Sunshine's with beautiful faces pretty much every day, this one is going in a frame.

We've got little posies of Daffodils all around our home at the moment, they're such a happy flower.

We don't watch television in our house, and so Niah has never watched children channels with all of the current popular TV shows. We have a small screen that we use to watch films and I brought for Niah the old tales of Beatrix Potter, like the books they are very simple and gentle and very much based around nature which is so nice.
We have a large wall in the kitchen where we display all of Niah's creations, just this week I have started to take down her winter crafts and have begun replacing them with Spring crafts, just this weekend we made a fluffy baby chick with yellow feathers and a garland of baby rabbits with little cotton wool tails.

We also really enjoy going to the library every couple of weeks, we have borrowed lots of Spring themed books, they are in her little book stand at the end of her bed and we read them at bed time.

I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather so that we can spend lots more time outdoors, last week on a walk in the village we spotted our first bumble bee of the new season and have seen a fair few butterflies on the sunnier days floating through our garden too.

Happy Spring Equinox,
Wishing you lots of Love and Joy this Spring time x

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  1. Reading your post has filled me with peace and joy!
    Happy Springtime to you and Niah xxxx