Friday, 17 March 2017


The clouds hang low in the sky and there is a nip in the air. The sun has not managed to break through today but I have little posies of daffodils around the house bringing cheer and joy.

Tonight's dinner is bubbling away in the slow cooker, Niah is having a nap, and the house is quiet. This sweet babe in my belly has got the hiccups, I can feel a rhythmic little pounding, whist the warming scent of baked ginger fills the room and the warmth of the tea in my cup soothes my palms.

I first began making gingerbread biscuits around ten years ago when my husband and I had first met, he told me they were his favourite and I am still making them for him today.

He has recently come to the decision that his perfect weekend is a combination of watching England play rugby, with a cold pint and a box full of home baked gingerbread. 
And so when he returns home this afternoon he will be happy to find a fresh batch ready for tomorrows game.

I really enjoy being a stay at home mama, house wife and home maker, It makes me really happy to stand in the kitchen and bake treats for my Love to welcome him home after a hard week at work, It's quite old fashioned and probably every feminists worst nightmare, but it's true, I even wear a piny!

Really It's just another aspect of the slow and quiet living I enjoy.

Happy weekend, Love and Joy.

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  1. That man of yours is so lucky (as are you :-) ) You have created the perfect home together....I can't wait to see how that new little one fits in. <3 xxx