Tuesday, 7 March 2017

All Is Good. All Is Well.

Slow, quiet and contemplative living.

I sit in the morning and repair some of Alex's work trousers with a needle and thread, whist Niah sits beside me watching old episodes of Beatrix Potter. 

The rest of our morning is made up of building towers with wooden blocks, puzzles, teddy bear tea parties and reading through a stack of books whilst my littlest babe dances in my belly.

At lunch Niah and I sit together to eat, she now joins me at the table on her booster seat, gone is the high chair and she looks so very grown up.
 We listen to classical music on the radio. 
Her plate with its many sections is filled with a multitude of nourishing foods, although today the top right corner is the most exciting, Last night I made healthy cookies and one sits there waiting to be held in her eager little hands, I have to explain at least a dozen times that we eat our cookie last, when she finally tries it she tells me how yummy it is and I am filled with joy.

I tuck her up in bed for a nap, wash the pots and pour myself a cup of tea, I'm tired but today it feels manageable. 
My mind is foggy but the thoughts that I can access, maybe they are the only ones I need. 
The house is cool, but not so cold that I need to turn the heating on, I pull a blanket over me to rest. 
Winter feels as though it has passed although it is not quite yet Spring, I feel as though I'm floating in a quiet haze of that space in-between physically, mentally, and emotionally, I go with it.

Accept and Surrender.

'All is Good. All is Well' 
~ My mantra for today repeats in my head as I close my eyes.

I give thanks that today I feel 'Ok' For some Okay Is not enough, but for me just recently, Okay is really good.

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  1. Such precious, adorable photos of Niah.....could she be any more beautiful?
    And I agree with you totally.....'ok' can be quite good enough; I can vouch for that.