Friday, 16 September 2016

Notes Of Niah

As Summer draws to it's very end and we edge towards Autumn equinox, the memories of this Summer are held so dear.

The first Summer you walked along the beach, your toes in the sand, pebbles found and held like treasure within your hands.

 The softest of curls that fall below the lace trim of your sun hat.

Your pretty long lashes fluttering in the gentle sea breeze as you look far out to the ocean blue.

 Your colourful little Swimsuit, your Amber beads.

This summer you made your first sand castle, it was so sweet to watch you and Papa together.

I write these words to remember, 
to remember the details in these moments and how they feel.

The passage of time is both a blessing and a curse, it is bitter sweet. 
These days with you are my favourite of all my days, I bathe in the beauty of your presence, I am in awe as I watch you grow, I delight in every mile stone amazed by every new thing you learn and yet simultaniously I mourn the fact that I will never be able to hold you as a new born again, not even for a moment.
I know that one day my memories will be my closest companions the fondest of all my thoughts and my most treasured possession.   

One day far from now I will smile as I look back and remember sitting on the sand in the warm summer sun watching the two loves of my life paddling in the shallow waters, your little body held in Papa's strong arms and how I felt all consumed by my Love for you both, so very happy and so blessed.


  1. These words are so beautiful Zoe. Your mothering heart is so pure. Niah will treasure your collection of words as much as you one day many moons from now. x

    1. Thank you dear x
      I love being a mother so much, I write in a journal also about my days with Niah as often as I can, I hope that one day she will enjoy reading these words, that is a beautiful imagining x
      Do you have journals from when your children were young? X

  2. What a wonderful mother you are.....having watched you this past week in Norfolk I know it to be absolutely true. And Alex is a brilliant father; his endless patience with Niah has astounded us.
    That precious little girl is truly