Sunday, 14 August 2016

White Sea

Summer is soon to fade.
I can hear Autumn's whisper. How I love Autumn.

Summer is the Season I tend to connect with least, but this year has been a little different, for the first time in a long time I have found much enjoyment through a little girl named Niah who makes every day enchanting and filled with new wonder. 

My days of Mamahood are so busy but so blessed.

In the quiet moments in between the busy I try to make time to pause, to bathe in hot salty water, to meditate, to stretch on my yoga mat, to write in my journal and to read.

I have been reading Shakespeare's Sonnets, 
It is the earliest writing I have read, a real challenge for my mind, with many moments reading and re-reading each line and often out-loud to make sense of this text written in the sixteen hundreds.

Whilst my mind busies itself my heart rests with a gentle understanding and familiarity, these words are recognised deep within the soul, for it is writing which encapsulate all that we journey with and through in life . . .
Love, Beauty, Mortality and The Passing Of Time.

My favourite lines so far,

'Tomorrow see again, and do not kill
The spirit of Love with a perpetual dullness.
Let this sad interim like the ocean be
Which parts the shore, where two contracted new
Come daily to the banks, that, when they see
Return of love, more blest may be the view;
Or call it winter, which being full of care, 
Makes summer's welcome thrice more wish'd,
more rare.'
William Shakespeare 

I have a very dear friend who resides across land and waters, a friend of whom I mainly converse with through the simple act of letter writing, the ritual of which has become such a sacred part of my existence.

Earlier in the summer I made a gift to send across the ocean and very much inspired by the ocean, a carefully woven dream catcher in pure white. 

Kerrie Lives in a beautiful cottage washed by the sea, 
white, calm and filled with peace.

Creating this catcher became an active meditation, breathing deeply whilst adding beautiful details from nature.
White washed Mussel shells and pretty sea glass collected from the beach in Cornwall and with white feathers found during countryside walks hand in hand with my beautiful girl.

Calm, peace and stillness of the white and simmering sea.  

After I have made something by hand I like to cleanse it in the smoke of white sage and chant ancient mantras of love.

Meticulously wrapped with devotion and ready to send,

Across many a shore.

Visit Kerrie's beautiful Ocean blessed world Here x