Thursday, 30 June 2016

Summer Love

'Oh amazing love,
let me sing of your wonders,
with these words
let me open a door
in to light'


Summer days enjoyed with our beautiful girl have so far mostly been spent in the rain, in our wellies and splashing through puddles.

Last week, to Niah's delight, the tiny lanes in our little village became completely flooded, " Oooooooh BIG puddle!!" 

She had so much fun wading through the depths, that the water went over the tops of her wellies and filled the inside, that was a squelchy walk home. 

Amidst the rain and only every now and then, we have had little glimpses of sun, warm and soothing,
 and on those days of blue skies and gentle bird song, among the flowers is where you will find us.

Together we study delicate petals in detail and lean in close to inhale each individual scent. 
Bees, butterflies and ladybirds are counted among our friends and whilst Niah busies herself in the pursuit of excavating tiny stones from the earth and lining them up to decide which one is to be her favourite, I can just exist subtly for a few moments with a quiet mind and with deepened breath,

In gentle stillness beneath the sun and beside summer blooms, with a girl that makes my heart bloom,
 more than I ever thought possible,
And even more with every new day. 

 Summer Love is this to be sure.
Thank you, always. Thank you.