Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Song Of The Wild Cherry Blossom

Blossom Blossom everywhere, ethereal and light, suspended pom pom plumes in pastel pink and white. 

Oh how I'm enjoying the season of flowering trees. 

My husband chose for me this branch of cherry blossom to enjoy in our home and just in time too, as there is now a falling confetti of petals cascading at every turn. 
Soon it will be gone, the knowledge of its return in only a year, makes the loss a little easier to bare and also with such wonderful succession, next is the arrival of Lilac and Wisteria, my absolute favourites of all, Spring is so eager to please with flower after beautiful flower.

A few days ago I opened the door to my Beautiful friend, an unexpected visit is always such a joy from a dear friend whom you love and have missed.

Such a pretty gift I was given from one who knows me so well, a cup and Saucer hand painted and antique. 
Such delicate beauty is this when held in my hands, the china so thin at ones lips, the perfect vessel for sipping herbal tea.   

And it seemed Niah was also to be included in the generosity from the kindest of hearts, a stack of books saved for over thirty years and once belonging to daughters of her own, were now to be passed to this daughter of mine.

Books are very special in our house and when they are blessed upon us with a history and heartfelt meaning- even more so.

My favourite among them was this, a book I have always hoped we would own at some point 'A Treasury Of Flower Fairies' By Cicely Mary Barker 

The Song of the Wild Cherry Blossom

In May when the woodland ways
Are all made glad and sweet
with primroses and violets
New Opened at your feet,
Look up and see
A fairy tree,
With blossoms white
In clusters light,
All set on stalks so slender,
With pinky leaves so tender.
O Cherry tree, wild Cherry tree
You lovely, lovely thing to see.

Even more beautiful than blossom on the trees or in a pot or a vase is blossom that is held in the sweet hands of our Flower Fairy.

From my heart I am giving thanks, for the many blessings I hold in my life,

A friend whom I adore,

Blossom in the months of Spring,

A husband who understands me,

And a little girl who has made my life complete. 


  1. A delightful post Zoe......and I am smiling after our conversation about flowers today (wink ;-) )
    You make everything so special...which is evident in your beautiful photos and words.
    We do have many blessings in our lives...we all should take your lead and record them regularly. XX