Monday, 9 May 2016


The Papa I never had exists now,

Present in my life,

 As of the father of my child.

Nurturing, Loving, consistant is he, 
A consistency once longed for and needed, Is here now, 

Present in my life, 

As the father of my child. 

A steadfast love from a man that never falters, 
unwavering from the deapth of the deep, breathes now,

Present in my life,

As the father of my child.

The highest of the high.

The purest of the pure.

The first man you trust.

The first man you adore.

A healing for the child in me, 
Is the witnessing of this love that stands before me, 

The love of Father and Daughter.

The father of my child.


  1. This is beautiful have filled me with emotion. I am so happy to witness how your life has unfurled over the past couple of years. This is no more than you deserve....😘

    1. You have known me since I was a young girl and now we have become good friends which I think is so special, thank you very much indeed xx

  2. So beautiful Zoe, the words, the images, just beautiful !