Thursday, 14 April 2016

Notes of Niah

"Love is the bridge between you and everything."

Let me hold these memories in my heart forever, 

The first Spring that you walked in your little purple shoes, The way you wear your hair in a clip to the side and the soft curls that fall down the back of your neck, 

The mornings we would wander in the village excited by bumble bees, black birds and dogs that chase balls in the park,

And this morning in particular when you placed your soft hand in mine and raised the other to the trees above, your beautiful little index finger outstretched to a perfect point, 

"That's blossom" I told you, "Isn't it so Beautiful, just like you" 

I explained to you how the trees flower at this time of the year, and that's one of the reasons that makes Spring so very special. You look at me so carefully when I teach you things, so full of wonder, so mindfully observant with your big blue eyes, I can almost see the information as it enters and settles within your being, shaping who you are and who you are becoming, your desire for knowledge is growing every single day.

 Too tired to walk home I made you comfy in your pushchair, you were wearing your sweet little rain coat with the birds and I covered you over with the same blanket you've had wrapped around you since you were born. 
Giving  thanks to the tree I reached up for a small wish bone shaped branch which I broke in to two and placed one in each of your hands, you lifted one and then the other up to your nose and said "mmmmm" with a smile, "Does It smell nice sweetest heart? mmmmm, it does!" and of course I couldn't resist kissing the lovely soft skin of your cheek, 

Your skin, these kisses, your hands and the way you held that blossom the whole way home and laid it down beside you whist you slept in the middle of our bed, Moments like these,

Let me remember them always.


  1. These are the moments to ponder and carry in our momma hearts forever. These are the pearls hidden in the oyster shell of our heart. Bless you both as you embrace the wonder of Spring together. Love in peace xx Kerrie

    1. They are! Truly. These moments are ingrained within my heart for ever, and I hope that one day Niah might enjoy reading them here . . . .
      I hope that Spring with your family is light filled, peace filled and beatiful, much love xxx

  2. Utterly beautiful in every way.......🌸👶🏼xx

    1. Thank you, I think she may be my muse :) x