Sunday, 24 January 2016

Winter Blessings, Scenes of Snow

A landscape enveloped in early morning quiet and just settled snow. 
Such purity. So soft. All is quiet. Serenity ensues.

 Natures most powerful equaliser, not a branch, lane or rooftop are forgotten or denied, dressed with a veil of elegant white.

A palette of greys, blues and white with highlights of silver and the most subtle suggestions of minty green. 

Last weekend's solitary walk at first light, my self and my thoughts, leaving tracks with my feet and always with my heart.


  1. A dusting of snow is so pretty. I always see the fragility of life in Winter. I see it here in your beautiful, barren landscape. Fragile beauty.

  2. Hello dear Zoe..and little Niah. I was thinking of you this afternoon. I send you thoughts of peace and good will. Namaste xx Kerrie

    1. Bless You Kerrie how lovely to know we're in your thoughts, thank you! Here's hoping you enjoy these last days of winter before the new season arrives X