Sunday, 24 January 2016

Winter Blessings, Scenes of Snow

A landscape enveloped in early morning quiet and just settled snow. 
Such purity. So soft. All is quiet. Serenity ensues.

 Natures most powerful equaliser, not a branch, lane or rooftop are forgotten or denied, dressed with a veil of elegant white.

A palette of greys, blues and white with highlights of silver and the most subtle suggestions of minty green. 

Last weekend's solitary walk at first light, my self and my thoughts, leaving tracks with my feet and always with my heart.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hiding under blankets writing lots of lists, journaling and planning for the new year is where you might find me, deep in thought, tea in one hand, pen in the other. 

Meditating morning and night and working with a new mantra has me journeying further within, I'll write about these things a little more in my next post . . . . but for now I just really wanted to say, 
. Happy New Year .

 I also wanted to say Thank you. My heart is filled with such gratitude for the new friends I have met here on my blog and via Instagram, for those of you that take the time to visit this little space of calm, I am so appreciative of your kindness. 

  I received a beautiful parcel in the post from one such new acquaintance, and all the way from Poland too! I am so blessed.  

 A collection of such thoughtful loveliness came tumbling out of the envelope and in to my lap, and all in beautiful shades of grey, my favourite colour. A hand made book mark, A miniature photographic square magnet, two little sachets of herbal tea blends to try and best of all a lovely card containing the swirls and loops of inked letters hand written.

 We are all of us, governed by universal laws. The law of cause and effect has been described as the law of laws. Every thought, word and action is a cause that sets off a wave of energy. All of us are responsible for what we are 'putting out there' Acts and words of heartfelt love and kindness help to create such an amazing cycle of positivity, which is so important during these times, so thank you Anna.

  You can see Anna's beautiful account on Instagram here and blog here.