Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice a time of Surrenderance, Surrenderance to the darkness.

Evenings draw in early and in the morning, daylight is slow to arrive. Through this darkness we are able to explore our inner being, winter is a time for stillness and moments of solitude.

All of Nature slows to the most subtle of rhythms, may the innate wisdom of our natural surroundings be our guide. At this time of the year the land is laid bare, stark, stripped of its colour, warmth, its leaves and flowers. All becomes simple, calm, pure. Beneath the surface lies an inner beauty, an often forgotten beauty, seeds germinate deep below. There are seeds with in us too, seeds of light, love, our true authenticity, fearlessness, creativity, There is so much beauty to be found in our inner most being and now is the time to retreat to that space, to observe and nurture all that is there, preparing the way for it to burst forth in the coming spring.

I have come to find over these recent years in my own personal shift towards discovering peace and harmony, that what Society tells us and that which nature teaches are worlds apart. It has become ingrained within us, that to rest is lazy and none productive in this fast paced world of go go go, it is through this folly that our equilibrium and health begin to suffer, only when we are fully balanced in all aspects of our being, including optimal amounts of quiet time and rest can we live a truly nourishing and harmonious life. 

Winter is the time to hibernate, dreaming quietly beside the fire, turn the pages of your favourite book, light candles, soak in the bath, eat nourishing warming foods, go to bed early.
 This is a time for deep rest and healing, for rejuvenation, nurture your self, rebuild your energy systems and your life force, allowing the deliverance of fresh energy a renewed self, happy and whole. 

As well as honouring the natural pull to be indoors, refreshing walks will invigorate the senses and bring a state of balance.

 Beneath warm layers tread the land reverently, take full deep breaths of the cool frosty air, notice every metre of naked earth under foot, every shivering pool, the sillouette of bare branches against pure grey blue skies, admire every diamond thread of cobweb dew and stand beneath the glare of the moon as day turns to night and an army of stars appear.

Wishing you many Winter Blessings.
 Happy Solstice. Tidings of peace and quiet thoughtfulness.


  1. Love this Zoe - so true! and the photo of your baby girl on the sofa - priceless and so peaceful

    1. Thank you so much Anna you are kind x
      I know! Little angel face :)

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

  2. Oh my.....I am in awe of your ability to view life in this special way Zoe and I'm so grateful that you are there to inspire me and encourage me to think as you do. I think this is the first year that I can honestly say I have embraced winter (I normally dread it) and that is because of you.
    As for that last photo.....beyond precious! xx

    1. Thank you so much Linda you are so kind, that is so lovely, you must know that you too inspire and encourage me every time we meet and I'm so grateful x

      Wishing you a calm and beautiful Winter x

  3. Beautiful , beautiful writing Zoe ! I always love to hibernate in the winter and also get out in nature when the weather permits as it is often beyond cold here in Canada that I enjoy being inside. I enjoy this time when all the festivities are over , a time as you said to go within , rest and rejuvinate :) Blessings to you !

    Also so lovely to see what you created with Linda and to read about the moments you shared together.

    Your sweet and precious little darling , that photography ... oh my goodness, perfect !

    1. Thank you very much Lynn, hibernation in the winter is such a wonderful thing, so glad to read that you happily embrace the oportunity for a little inner work and rejuvination :)

      Thank you for taking the time to write such encouraging comments, it means so much.

      Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful and restoring Winter time x

  4. Her face...pure peace.

    May the Winter be restorative as you embrace its calm. xx

    1. Such peace Kerrie! What wonderful teachers our children are.

      Many peaceful, calming and restoring blessings to you this Winter xx