Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve

Here's hoping your Christmas has been merry and bright.

A brand new year is about to start. 

Here's how the last few moments of 2015 have looked around here . . . .

 All whites and greys in bright winters light.

 Tiny trees encased in jars and sprinkled with snow, made at the second of two wonderful Christmas crafting afternoons organised by a kind and thoughtful friend,

during the first I was presented with the gift of this house to decorate and listening to Christmas music and chattering happily with each other many wonderful moments were spent painting, making window frames and a mini picket fence, decorating a tiny wreath for the door, sprinkling snow and going slightly glitter crazy! Ive made it for Niah and it will become a Christmas tradition to bring it out each year and talk about the Winter Solstice fairies who live there.

I drew a new design on the chalk board in our kitchen.

 Thoughtfully chosen gifts wrapped and ready to give with love.

 One of my favourite cards received this year . . . .
' Joy to the world '

 many many cups of tea,

 Our dinning table set ready for breakfast Christmas morning. One of my favourite vintage tea sets and simple linen napkins laid with eucalyptus stems and Cinnamon sticks,

 A scattering of stars and a sprinkle of diamond snow.

And here I am Christmas morning admiring the face of an angel.

Wishing you Many blessings of peace, happiness and joy calling forth the new year, may you be filled with light and love how ever you choose to celebrate x


  1. What a delightful blog post Zoe...I'm so glad you enjoyed those afternoons we spent decorating the houses. And your snow globes look so sweet!
    I love how you decorated your table and wrapped your presents. But most of all I LOVE that last photo.....two beautiful girls.
    (BTW I also admired the face of an Angel on Christmas I do every morning ;-) ) xx

    1. Thank you Linda, I really enjoyed them, it was much needed fuel for my creatrive soul! and I was so pleased with the results, I carefully wrapped up my snow jars and house at the weekend and look forward to seeing them again next year :)x

      Thank you I love it too, Niah just looks so Beautiful.
      Ha! Linda that made me laugh, you do get to look at the pretty face of your sweet angel cat each and every day :) x

  2. You are both glowing with beauty. Niah is getting so big. I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Happy New Year

    1. Bless you, Thank you so much xx
      Niah has grown up so much in these last six weeks or so, she's changing and learning new things at such a pace now, bless her x
      Happy New Year Kerrie, many blessings of love, kindness and gentle quietness to you.