Monday, 7 December 2015

Fig and Honey Jam

 December has arrived with its heightened energy of anticipation, as the count down to Christmas begins, and while the excitement is magical it's too easy to get caught up in the busyness. At this time of the year I look around and at times it's frantic! Let's mirror nature instead, which at this moment is beginning to slow down. Yes there is shopping and planning and 'to do' lists, but let us take a deep breath allowing ourselves to be calm and collected as we move through them, remembering to also make time for peace, quiet and stillness. It's by doing this that we're able to bring our awareness back to the simple pleasures of the season. 
A slow start to December for us has included wrapping thoughtfully chosen gifts in brown paper, going to choose books at the library with Niah, long salt and rosemary baths reading the last few pages of my book, and watching the branches becoming more and more bare with each passing day. 

I also spent a lovely afternoon making Jam, such a simple pleasure. 

I went to our village farm shop for inspiration and found the last of this seasons figs, I walked home with Niah on my back in the sling and my arms laden with a whole crate full of fruit.   

And of course I had just as much fun photographing the figs as I did cooking them.

Not only are figs so very beautiful they are also very nutritious, rich in Iron, Magnesium and Potasium, Vitamin K, Vitamin B and have the highest Calcium content of any fruit.
I created my own recipe as I didn't want to use sugar.

Simply slice around 24 Figs in to quarters removing the stem, and put them in a pan with a splash of water and 300 grams of honey (raw organic is best), bring to the boil and simmer for an hour, stirring fairly often, in the last 5 minutes of cooking add the zest and juice of 1 lemon.

Today I enjoyed toasted Rye bread, spread with fig jam and topped with soft Goats cheese and seasonal leaves, yum.

Homemade jams make for a lovely Christmas gift.

Wishing you a lovely slow start to the week x 


  1. I think I could linger in your post for days. The peacefulness sinks in. You have a way of capturing the life of the moments of our every day living with word and image.

    I learned a long time ago to embrace Winter rather than the holidays. To seek that which can only be found in nature. To embrace the season in nature and through nature. I have found more meaning and depth of reason in doing so. I go for walks along the frosted creek rather than shopping. For the past five years my husband and I have even chosen not to attend Christmas work parties. We go to the ocean instead or the lake or mountains. It has brought calm into December. Life is so fragile. I always want to embrace it wholeheartily.

    Your fig jam looks delicious. I need to try making some. And Niah's feet with the figs make me smile. She is a gentle beauty.

    Peace washed by the sea..

    1. Bless you Kerrie thank you, I'm so glad you feel that way, when I write I always hope that it will invoke a sense of calm and peace that one might be able to take away x
      Embracing the season of winter rather than the focus being on Christmas you are right, Oh how I love winter, so much solace to be found!
      Your Outings in to the wild with your husband sound perfect, hand in hand in nature with the one you love! Nothing could be better :) x

      Niah's little feet ~ I know ~ so very Beautiful, I love them xx

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Wishing you a Beautiful, peaceful week ahead x

  2. I too have learned over the years to keep things slow in December, I don't care for being rushed off my feet anyway, I did that so much when I was working in a shopping mall for 7 years. Those little feet and the other image with your little Angel's cheeks, oh my goodness, so perfect.

    I love fresh figs , just not very good in the kitchen so I leave that to people like you :) Have a wonderful peace filled holiday Zoe !

    1. Wonderful Lynn another calm and quiet soul, living slowly is the way.

      I'm so glad you are enjoying the photos of Sweet Niah, I might have to send you some out takes ones day they are so funny, the end result, featured on the blog is not always an accurate depiction of the entire shoot :D what is it they say? 'Never work with children and animals'

      Ha! I don't think you could go wrong with this Lynn it was so simple ;)

      Thank you so much, You too, I hope that's it's a joyous, love filled time for you and your family xx

  3. Your delightful post has calmed me this morning Zoe.....I was feeling slightly fraught (although I don't know why) but now I feel much improved. Wonderful photos ....figs are so aesthetically beautiful; a photographers dream. And there can never be enough photos of Niah; gorgeous girl 😊 XX

    1. That's good to hear Linda I'm so glad, bless you :) x
      You're so right, figs are an absolute pleasure to photograph . . . And thank you she's been featured a lot recently, she's such a beautiful little soul :) x