Monday, 16 November 2015

Quiet late Autumn days

Snuggling with blankets reading to Niah, preparing comforting evening meals first thing and letting them cook softly in the slow cooker all day, scooping up the many fallen leaves in the back garden, and sipping Earl grey from my favourite glazed ceramic mug . . .

Quiet late Autumn days spent in our home.

A little time dedicated to making a small crochet dream catcher for a Friend, a gift for her niece's christening.

With Niah sleeping in the next room I sat in my studio space happily with a needle and thread in the calm and the quiet. 
And when she woke I thought how lovely it would be to share the joy with her, engaging her in a little sensory play . . .

I love to use Guinea fowl feathers, they are so pretty with their Beautiful spots and the Guinea Fowl being a Totem animal symbolising protection, makes them feel all the more special.

Niah definitely thought they were special, she studied them in detail, especially the softness between her delicate finger tips.  

Quiet time to be still and observe.

 Giving thanks for the honour of being asked to create a hand made gift for a little girl on her special day, 

And for my own Beautiful girl who makes every day so special.

Wishing you peaceful stillness and a wonderful week ahead x


  1. This is so pretty and peaceful. Your sweet Niah is so blessed to have you as her Momma. Your dreamcatcher is so delicate just like the gentle beauty found in nature. xx

    1. Bless you that's so kind thank you, I'm so very lucky to be her Mama she is such an amazing blessing x
      I hope you are well, Thank you for stopping by! (PS, I love the new header on your blog what a beautiful Image! the light Is lovely) x

      Love x

  2. Beautiful serene post , I really got the feeling you were having. Love the dreamcatcher , you are very creative too , I didn't know that . The photographs of Niah 's little hands and toes... oh... so sweet :)

  3. Your posts make me feel so peaceful lovely that you can instil that feeling in others. The photos of Niah are adorable....keep them coming :-) xx