Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Misty Mornings

For the last few days we've been Waking to wonderful mornings of mist, Beautifully quiet and so very still.
'Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness'
John Keats 1795-1821
To Autumn.

Dressed in boots and woollen hats, creeping along the paths in the village like secret foxes, my husbands hand in mine and my beautiful girl snuggled in the sling, Its first thing in the morning . . . 

Everyone else is still in bed. 

So for now this land is ours.

To roam and to tread, the earth soft with dew, 
the air fresh and cool brings life a new 
And for these few moments I look out to see,
 nothing but pale grey in front of me.

Grey. My favourite colour of all.

Gentle wanderings.

Time slows down, the rhythm and the quiet pace of nature brings balance and harmony, when I am here in the stillness I am safe and all is well.

 I study the void, what is around me is also within me we meld into one,
 I move closer to study the detail, precious being, what you are made of I am made of too.

Being in nature is always such an incredible time for reflection, giving me the opportunity to receive guidance and wisdom. I am brought so much closer to my self, and always return home feeling cleansed and  replenished.

In society We are taught to believe we will never have enough, right here I know have everything I need,

  The Pale tones, the silence, the dew that gently kisses my cheek, It's all perfect, Thank you, I am grateful.


  1. Zoe your words are like reading my own heart. The greys in nature are my calm. We had our first fog this morning. I feel most alive in the fog, especially by the sea or the along the creek. I am so grateful to have found you...your blog is the most beautiful I have ever read. You are a hidden pearl. xx

    1. You are so kind, thank you for your beautiful response. What you have said is truly a gift to me, that has come at the right time, I had really started to doubt that anyone would resonate with my blog, I get so few visitors, your presence here has been such a boost for my spirit.
      You love the greys in nature, autumn and the fog too! most people I speak too find it so odd, we are kindred spirits for sure, I feel so blessed :) x

  2. I come by for another visit where I find such peace. The calm here strengthens my inner being. Your blog...which really is a piece of your heart, your soul, is so so so beautiful Zoe. You are life, just as your name means. Thank you.

    I have known there are others out there, somewhere, quietly treading this earth with care and thoughtfulness for all that breathes and moves and has being...but I rarely find them. I have chosen to believe that they are hidden in the crevices. It leaves me feeling alone too...but in a peaceful way. I would rather be gathered with the silent few than the loud multitudes.

    I give thanks that our quiet paths have crossed. Namaste xx

    washed by the sea...

    1. How kind you are, I'm so grateful thank you.
      How wonderful that you feel this way I'm so honoured thank you!
      You give such overwhelming praise, It means so much xx