Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A little time for me

Sitting quietly in the stillness that is nap time, I love my gorgeous girl so much but oh how I also love nap time. A little time for me. 

Some times I have a small snooze myself, sometimes I literally just sit and stare in to space, I wouldn't even call it meditation I'd say it was more like an exhausted trance like shut down! But when I have the energy, my favourite things to do during the hour or so a day that I get for my self is too read, sip the warmth and comfort of a favourite herbal tea, knit, or paint, bake, make something by hand, or take photos, all of the craft like and creative pursuits that remind me of me.

I enjoy saving the vegetarian recipes I see in magazines and collaging them in a scrap book with other visually beautiful magazine tears.

I think it's important as much as possible to eat seasonally intune with nature, and so the pages of my book become seasonally themed with their colours and textures too.

Soft calming Autumn. Quiet and still.

Autumn in this part of the world has been really mild so far, so much so that I've not even worn a coat yet, a cardigan has been enough. November seems to have crept up all of a sudden, It's the last month of the season, and I will be making the most of it as much as I can, woollen bound walks across the fields, watching all of nature beginning to slow, and holding the soft hands of my beautiful girl who is learning to walk, her little feet in her first shoes will tread the last of the fallen leaves.

Wishing You Peace and a wonderful calm November.

(Featured images from my scrapbook have been collected from various magazines, journals & store catalogues including~ Country Living, Elle Decoration, Kinfolk, Anthropologie & Toast.)


  1. What a peaceful way to spend your alone time. Your recipe scrap book is a piece of art. Maybe someday to be passed down to your sweet girl. I remember those nap time moments. Sometimes you just have to sit with your tea and breathe. Motherhood is exhausting but in the sweetest way. Your photos are so calming in the earthy shades of the season. Even the light you have captured gives the feeling that it is November. Peace to you xx

    1. It is a really lovely rewarding and calming pleasure, what a lovely Idea that maybe one day Niah might like to have it :) xx
      Niah never slept the typical three naps a day of a young baby she didn't start napping at all until she was around seven months old, some days now she still dosen't sleep I'm not sure why? It was so tiring for such a long time but most afternoons she will have at least an hour sometimes two and on these days I really enjoy a little time for myself, I have given my self to her so completely that its really necessary to touch bases with Me again even if only for the shortest time x

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the light in the photographs, I have read on your blog that November is a favourite month of yours and the month of your birthday, Happy Birthday to You when ever the date might be, I hope that it is a day of Peace, Light and Love x

  2. Ooohhh I like nothing more than sticking pictures and recipes into my folders too! Such a lovely calming activity.
    I can't wait to walk with Niah and hold her hand....xx

  3. Lovely idea and great photos Zoe - I might copy it ;-) And I love your blog - so good to discover it ;-)
    Have a great weekend xx

  4. Anna, How wonderful to have you here, thank you for stopping by :) xx
    I'm glad you found inspiration in the photos, you should definitely, there's something very therapeutic about cutting and layering beautiful images :) x
    Your kind words mean so much, thank you, take care and have a lovely week x