Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Dance With Nature

Niah rests. I rest. The rain pours. 

I feel drawn to its cleansing energy. I step foot out of the back door. 

I'm tired, deeply tired, body and mind, a renewal is what's needed.  A shift in perspective, a dance with nature.

 I stand still and firm, my feet planted in the soft earth below and tilt my head back, my bare face looks up towards the sky, my hair falls lower down my back and I close my eyes. 

I let the soft rain fall, on to me, through me, beyond me. It is cool and fresh.
A bird is singing, the Autumn wind makes me shiver, I already feel more life running through me, It is energising, and so I continue to stand there in the rain.
A few drops gather in the soft caverns of my eye lids, until the mass is too much and they release and run off the side of my face to the ground, almost like tears.

I'm not sure why everyone tends to complain about the rain so much, It can definitely alter one's plans at times and that can be frustrating but when you think about it, if you complain about the rain every time it rains, especially here in England you will find your self complaining a lot.
 The rain actually makes everywhere look so beautiful and feels so wonderful on your skin if you can only learn to embrace it.
Accept what 'Is' in the present moment and you are sure to find peace.

I took these photographs of the way the trees looked reflected on the misty rain soaked glass of our back doors. 

Back inside the kettle on the stove whistles it's time for tea. Flowering Jasmine tea, I sit and watch the beautiful petals slowly open, pour my self a cup and hold it for a while in my hands.

I'm reading Emma, It's a slow process, I only get time to read a few pages a day, but slowly and quietly is fine by me.
She is an enchanting character of Jane Austen's and I'm very much enjoying the book, but my heart still firmly belongs to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice is my absolute favourite.

Wishing You a wonderful, calm week ahead, go out and feel the cleansing energy of the rain.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Quiet late Autumn days

Snuggling with blankets reading to Niah, preparing comforting evening meals first thing and letting them cook softly in the slow cooker all day, scooping up the many fallen leaves in the back garden, and sipping Earl grey from my favourite glazed ceramic mug . . .

Quiet late Autumn days spent in our home.

A little time dedicated to making a small crochet dream catcher for a Friend, a gift for her niece's christening.

With Niah sleeping in the next room I sat in my studio space happily with a needle and thread in the calm and the quiet. 
And when she woke I thought how lovely it would be to share the joy with her, engaging her in a little sensory play . . .

I love to use Guinea fowl feathers, they are so pretty with their Beautiful spots and the Guinea Fowl being a Totem animal symbolising protection, makes them feel all the more special.

Niah definitely thought they were special, she studied them in detail, especially the softness between her delicate finger tips.  

Quiet time to be still and observe.

 Giving thanks for the honour of being asked to create a hand made gift for a little girl on her special day, 

And for my own Beautiful girl who makes every day so special.

Wishing you peaceful stillness and a wonderful week ahead x

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A little time for me

Sitting quietly in the stillness that is nap time, I love my gorgeous girl so much but oh how I also love nap time. A little time for me. 

Some times I have a small snooze myself, sometimes I literally just sit and stare in to space, I wouldn't even call it meditation I'd say it was more like an exhausted trance like shut down! But when I have the energy, my favourite things to do during the hour or so a day that I get for my self is too read, sip the warmth and comfort of a favourite herbal tea, knit, or paint, bake, make something by hand, or take photos, all of the craft like and creative pursuits that remind me of me.

I enjoy saving the vegetarian recipes I see in magazines and collaging them in a scrap book with other visually beautiful magazine tears.

I think it's important as much as possible to eat seasonally intune with nature, and so the pages of my book become seasonally themed with their colours and textures too.

Soft calming Autumn. Quiet and still.

Autumn in this part of the world has been really mild so far, so much so that I've not even worn a coat yet, a cardigan has been enough. November seems to have crept up all of a sudden, It's the last month of the season, and I will be making the most of it as much as I can, woollen bound walks across the fields, watching all of nature beginning to slow, and holding the soft hands of my beautiful girl who is learning to walk, her little feet in her first shoes will tread the last of the fallen leaves.

Wishing You Peace and a wonderful calm November.

(Featured images from my scrapbook have been collected from various magazines, journals & store catalogues including~ Country Living, Elle Decoration, Kinfolk, Anthropologie & Toast.)

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Misty Mornings

For the last few days we've been Waking to wonderful mornings of mist, Beautifully quiet and so very still.
'Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness'
John Keats 1795-1821
To Autumn.

Dressed in boots and woollen hats, creeping along the paths in the village like secret foxes, my husbands hand in mine and my beautiful girl snuggled in the sling, Its first thing in the morning . . . 

Everyone else is still in bed. 

So for now this land is ours.

To roam and to tread, the earth soft with dew, 
the air fresh and cool brings life a new 
And for these few moments I look out to see,
 nothing but pale grey in front of me.

Grey. My favourite colour of all.

Gentle wanderings.

Time slows down, the rhythm and the quiet pace of nature brings balance and harmony, when I am here in the stillness I am safe and all is well.

 I study the void, what is around me is also within me we meld into one,
 I move closer to study the detail, precious being, what you are made of I am made of too.

Being in nature is always such an incredible time for reflection, giving me the opportunity to receive guidance and wisdom. I am brought so much closer to my self, and always return home feeling cleansed and  replenished.

In society We are taught to believe we will never have enough, right here I know have everything I need,

  The Pale tones, the silence, the dew that gently kisses my cheek, It's all perfect, Thank you, I am grateful.