Sunday, 18 October 2015

Soft Autumn

Niah and I were out for a walk early this morning, through the fields, round and about the village. I am so in love with this season, at this time last year Niah was a tiny baby and I was very much in my 'new baby bubble' it felt like I missed Autumn all together, not that I minded of course! So this year it has been so lovely to re-connect. I've been able to indulge in so many of the things I love about Autumn and the best part is, I now have a Beautiful, wide eyed, companion to share it all with, full of wonder and ready to delight in everything, It's such a blessing.

If I were to try to sum up what inspires me creatively, physically, emotionally and spiritually it's all about the quiet, the understated, the subtle, the soft, and the pure, I love muted tones, and tones of tones, the slow and the peaceful. 
Autumn can at first glance feel quite bold and brash and in your face with the deep red of berries, and the flaming yellows and oranges of the turning leaves on the trees and of course it's all beautiful, mother nature is Amazing in all her manifestations but for me, the popular typical Autumn style is just a little too much,

And so It's the soft Autumn that I love . . . 

Beautiful soft tones that are so quiet they almost whisper.

I really enjoy styling the seasons within our home, bringing home treasures from our walks and creating arrangements with pale subtle hues, 

When the roses begin to fade at this time of the year to me they do not die, but are in-fact reborn with beauty a new!
 In my last post I wrote about Sow Thistle in the fields, here are the few stems I trimmed, I stripped back the yellow flowers which were a little too bright for the quiet style I Love, and just kept the soft fluffy seeds, they are so pure, so delicate and look perfect arranged in these tiny glass bottles.
It's wonderful to have enjoyed Lavender in the garden through the Summer and I always leave it there untouched as I feel that its so important for the bees and so when Autumn arrives and the bees have finished their busy work for the year, I love to bring as much Lavender as I can inside, I love the soft fade of the flower kernels along with those that have kept their colour.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, we are off for a whole week of family time spent exploring Somerset, hand in hand and baby in sling x


  1. I totally agree you regarding Autumn colours Zoe......I much prefer the softer shades. I've never been a fan of orange, yellow or brown although I do appreciate their beauty in the trees at the moment.
    Lovely photos...I especially like the one with the cup and the bowl. Such gorgeous pottery; where did you get them from? xx

  2. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your instagram which has lead me to your blog of quiet living. Your post whispers so true to my heart. I have been blogging for so many years and have never found a peaceful blog like yours. I am thankful. You are a sweet song of beauty. xo

    1. Kerrie You don't know how much it means to me that you have found pleasure in this quiet little space, Your Beautiful kind words have given me such a boost x I am honoured and so grateful x
      I have followed you on Instagram for a long while, your photographs and paintings are so wonderful, I had no Idea that you also wrote a blog! I have book marked it for Niah's next nap time, I will sit with a cup of tea and enjoy every second.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment x

    2. I have been blogging for nearly nine years now at Sea Cottage. It is the name of our home. I have nearly closed down many times in the past three years due to a woman who seems relentless in 'bullying' me. To try to begin anew I opened my Seawashed Living blog. But she found me there too. So I returned to Sea Cottage. Most of my posts are in draft for the same reason. I do not write as personal as I used to. Your writing is renewing for dew on my soul. Thank you dear Zoe. You are a rare gem. xx

    3. A perfect name for your beautiful home and your beautiful blog. How sad to read that you have experienced bullying! It seems that bully's can show up anywhere and at any age and it's just so sad and also so frustrating when another human beings negative 'stuff' has an impact on our own sense of well being especially when one is a quiet and sensitive soul! I understand only too well. Thank goodness you haven't given up blogging, as it really is the most magical space that I have gained so much joy from visiting over these last few days, I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed!
      It seems such a sadness that your beautiful poetic words are in draft, there is comfort to know that they are there ready and waiting quietly for the time that you feel is right to publish them, I believe that the world really needs people like you xx
      Thank you again for taking the time to make contact it has meant such a lot X

  3. Oh Linda I do love soft muted shades, they make me feel so calm and relaxed, Autumn is such a beautiful season, thank you for always stopping by here to visit my little blog I really appreciate it xx

  4. I do love the bright fall colours and I also love muted tones. I think I like all colours :) Since I started photography I have grown to notice more in nature than every before and just want to capture it for a moment. Beautiful post and photographs, I especially love the one with the tea cups!