Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn Joy

The home where we currently reside, Alex picked for us, He viewed and accepted it before I had ever stepped foot inside, I trusted him and it paid off,  It has been perfect for us over these last three years, although it is rented we have been able to really make this house our own and have been so happy here.

A few days before we were due to move in, the previous tenant agreed to show me around, I was desperate to have a look, as he led me out back to the garden he very proudly announced that he'd planted many plants that we would be able to enjoy, including a peach tree on the lawn! How lovely I said and didn't really give it any more thought, other than gratitude. We moved in during Spring and by the end of the summer the little peach tree on the lawn had grown us a single and very beautiful . . . . . . . . . Apple! 
Ahh that probably makes more sense! I'm not sure how the man had gotten confused but I was very impressed with my tiny harvest and baked it along with some store brought apples in a crumble.

This year has been the best year yet, It's still only a small tree but by the end of this summer every branch was full, Niah and I have so enjoyed going out each day to take a look. 

Her precious little index finger would often be outstretched whilst swinging, pointing at the branches laden with juicy red apples above.

I felt very proud of our little tree and gave many thanks for its beautiful offering to us, I was filled with such joy to be able to fill a basket with fruit from my own garden. 

Autumn to me means so many wonderful things, one of which is crumble.

For my crumble I use wholemeal spelt flour, oats and Cinnamon, with honey to sweeten making it refined-sugar and gluten free.

The wonderful fragrance of Apple and Cinnamon is an Autumn classic, the house smells so Amazing during cooking.

Serving suggestion~ Best enjoyed at nap time with a big cup of tea, a silent house and cosy blankets . . . 


  1. How very blessed you are to have apples from your own garden. Your home is so peaceful. Your sweet Niah making every day so beautiful. I think I will make an apple crumble. xx

    1. We're So very blessed, our lovely sweet little tree :) Oooh yes do! A real comfort food for sure xx