Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Shades of Blue

Sitting here silently this evening, thoughts of the day passing through this tired mind. 

An Ayurvedic blend in my cup- Fennel, Chamomile and Valerian to sooth me to sleep, like Niah who rests peacefully beneath the covers in the middle of our bed, a space left either side, one for me, one for her Papa. 

For many days now the rain has poured, through the window to my right the former grey of today has turned to a wash of inky blacks and blues, all is quiet, all is still.

Here is a curated gallery of calming blues with hints of grey, my favourite colours. Photography taken from our summer holiday in Cornwall and some home styled images inspired by our trip. 

Yogi tea enjoyed In one of the cups I brought in the ancient fishing village of Polperro. 
They're made by a Cornish potter, and glazed to resemble the local coastal scenery.

Boats at low tide in Polperro.

I made a mood board of some of my favourite images from my 'Salt Skin' Board on Pinterest, photographed here in our bedroom with my favourite bargain junk shop pots, I fell in love with their shape and colour.

Bright sun on the shell encrusted rocks.

 This pretty, wonderfully formed stem broke off a couple of months ago whilst repotting one of my succulents, It has dried in perfect condition and has been sitting inside this little shell ever since.

Wishing you a Lovely week.


  1. This is my kind of blog post :-) All my favourite images and colours......perfect! You have a wonderful eye for detail. XX

  2. Your life reminds me of my own. Though my four children are grown and in college now. We spent as many days as we possibly could on the seashore during their childhood. We live near the Northern California Coast of wide open, empty, quiet, misty, grey beaches and not far from the forests of the mountains. It reminds me of your coast. Deep beauty to breathe in.

    1. Oh my goodness your coast sounds beautifully magical and enchanting! How fortunate for your children to have grown up with such a perfect wilderness to explore and enjoy. I do beleive being beside the ocean is a sort of therapy, so cleansing and uplifting. Thank you for sharing such a perfect description, and thank you for stopping by here :) x

  3. Thank you Linda so glad you enjoyed it, I hope the shades of blue brought you a sense of calm :) I find that looking at pictures of the ocean is the next best thing to being there :) xx