Saturday, 26 September 2015

Almost One . . . .

Walking through the fields with Niah in the sling, she's riding along on my back, her legs wrapped around either side of my waist, her feet cosily bound in woollen slippers rest somewhere around my hips. 

One of her hands rests relaxed and loose by her side and the other she has reached around to place inside my own hand, it feels so soft and warm. 

Her head rests in the hollow between my shoulder blades, after a lengthy walk with added nursery rhymes, giggling bounces through the long grass and many a stop to point out a bird, a tractor, a spider, a flower, the trees. . .  
she's fallen to sleep.

  Her head rests heavy her breath is deep with a slight snore on the exhale and the wind gently moves through the wheat field of which we now stand.

I pause for a while, the sun directly above us golden and warm, I turn once around and then once again more slowly than the last and admire the panoramic view that surrounds us. 

Tall stems ready for harvest are accompanied so beautifully by yellow Sow Thistle illuminated in soft Autumn light and its one of those precious moments of feeling so connected . . . . 

Connected to the Beauty, the abundance, the blessings, the warm sun on a crisp day, amazing nature in all its beauty, the stillness, the poinience of my own being, my own self, my journey, my husband, and our journey together, my daughter, this gorgeous child, who in a few days will be one, the reluctance to surrender to the governing force of 'time' which moves so fast, the tiredness, the joy, the sadness, the contentment, the restlessness, and the complexity of feeling everything together all at once, so much so that a tear rolls down my cheek falls and lands in the earth below, I welcome the release, there you go, you may receive my tears, gladly, you understand for you are a mother too.

I snip a few stems to take with me, walking slowly I meander along the thin winding path through the crops in quiet reflection, with this big girl, weighing heavy now but still my baby! 'Come on Niah you perfect little soul, lets go home, Mama needs a cup of tea' .


  1. You write so beautifully Zoe.....I am envious of your talent.
    Can't wait to see the precious one (who will be one! :-) ) next weekend.