Sunday, 23 August 2015

White light for a rainy day . . . .

Happy Rainy Sunday. 

We needed a little rain around here to clear that hot sticky air, the rain has felt like a relief for me refreshing my clammy and lethargic mood.

If I were to use this space to be truly honest I'd have to admit that I'm in such anticipation for Autumn, my favourite season, it goes against all my beliefs of staying in tune with the seasons and residing within the present moment as it is, but I cant seem to help it, I'm longing for the cool crisp mornings that make me feel alive!

In a bid to enjoy these last days of summer, I'm finding a little inspiration in these beautiful images from Pinterest Of what summer means to me at its best- Being drenched in illuminating, white, purifying light . . . .   
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead x


  1. Beautiful!
    And you almost make me look forward to Autumn too .....almost ;-) xx

  2. Ha!! I know you're a sassy summer Lady Mrs Vincent xx