Thursday, 6 August 2015

Forget-me-not part three . . . . .

The Final part of my little forget me not series, Styled with a selection of vintage spoons, an old book of sheet music and a favourite little pewter dish.

Aside for my love of grey and the purity of white, a colour I find very soothing is blue, soft tones of which are known to be Calming, relaxing and healing.

The colour blue relates to the Throat Chakra and I have found that embracing this colour has really helped me with a strengthening journey of
self expression, Speech, clear communication, and the somewhat daring act of always endeavouring to speak my truth with a purpose of being true to my authentic self.

 Admire the blues in nature and Wear light blue to encourage peaceful and healthy self expression and to be open to receiving beneficial communications from others.

Have a calm and lovely day x

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