Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer Solstice

Right at the end of Spring and the very beginning of summer poppies appear all of a sudden as if from nowhere and always signal for me another shift in the cycles of nature. petals as light as tissue paper on tall thin stems, floating and swaying with elegance and grace in the sunlight. 
A new season has arrived.

 summer solstice a time to celebrate a greater expanse of light, long days flowing in to warm summer nights.

I walked through our village late a few nights ago in my nightdress hidden beneath the embrace of a favourite woollen cardigan, and carrying a handmade birthday card sealed inside a carefully addressed envelope, a secure stamp pressed in the corner, I wanted to have it in the post ready for the first collection of the following day, it was ten minutes past ten and still light, as I Made my way through the little lanes beneath the tree canopy's with the odd black bird scuttling across the paths before me, the warm breeze flowing in such pretty evening twilight I felt my first connection with this new time. summer time.

When natures offers us its blessings in this case light, warmth and abundance, it seems only fair to accept them with the sincerity and grace in which they have been given. Here opens an opportunity for us to use these newly acquired gifts to our advantage, for I believe personal growth and the advancement of ones self seem to to be a fundamental part of the purpose of our life.

 Let the light shine brightly in our awareness, for every single one of us are significantly connected and influenced by shifts in nature, by bringing our awareness to what is occurring in the natural world we are given the opportunity for a deeper connection with ourselves.

 Summer is a wonderful time to wake early, Its lovely at this time of the year to leave the blinds lifted a little, letting the sun creep in to the room where you sleep, bringing you in to a state of wakefulness each morning, let it illuminate the room, warm your skin and inspire you to rise a little earlier, hear the birds morning chorus and start your day with a few moments of stillness, quiet contemplation and gratitude.

At this time of abundance when all of nature comes in to fruition, fields are high with crops, the trees are laden with fruit ripe and ready. I love eating lots of salads in the summer, coming up with new ways to make them exciting, and there's no better time than now to enjoy strawberries. 
Its always nice to enjoy the flavours of locally grown produce, summer is also a wonderful time to 'grow your own' One day I'd love to have a little vegetable plot but for now I get so much satisfaction just from my potted herbs, I think its really nice to find even the smallest ways, such as growing and eating your own herbs in the pursuit of staying connected with nature and the seasons, giving thanks at this time of plenty.

A few other things I love about summer . . .
Early evening walks when Alex returns home from work and the temperature has cooled, Grilled halloumi skewers on the bbq, Sitting out on the lawn playing with Niah beneath the shade of the trees, Taking my yoga practise outdoors, Gathering posies of wild flowers, Cold fresh pineapple with sparkling spring water and a squeeze of lime- so refreshing, Everybody smiling more, Looking down to notice my skin healthy and golden, Niah's bare skin and bare little feet- so soft and so cute, Cool loose fitting layers, The sound of the ice cream van and children playing and spending lots of time in my garden. 

Wishing you a Beautiful Summer filled with Love, Light, Warmth and Abundance of every kind.