Sunday, 7 June 2015

The gift of giving

Sunday evening a time of calm and quietude, reflecting on the week that has passed and putting out good intentions for the new week that is upon us. Here's hoping its a great one, filled with new inspiration, productivity, time well spent, lots of light (have you noticed the sunlight streching longer and longer in to the evening?) positivity, peace, and of course love and kindness where ever possible.

This weekend we've celebrated Alex's birthday, whilst enjoying the familiar surroundings of home after returning from five days in Cornwall, our first holiday as a family. We had such a wonderful time, being beside the sea is so cleansing and restoring, and Niah gained so much, it was so wonderful so see her excitement at the sea lapping up to her feet and the squawking sea gulls.
 A post of inspiring coastal photography coming soon, until  then there are a few nautical squares of joy over on my Instagram account if you fancy a peak.

An intention of mine for the coming week besides tackling the huge mound of laundry Is to sew these pretty little seeds . . . . .

A couple of weeks ago I was so happy to learn that I had won a little give away a 'green gift' made by Jeska Hearne of Lobster & Swan my all time favourite blog, The gift was part of Jeskas post for the Urban jungle bloggers series. 
There's no simple pleasure more exciting for me than receiving hand written/ hand made loveliness by post. 
with much anticipation I opened the envelope to find a hand written card, a business card with the Gorgeous lobster and swan claw and feather illustration, a photographic print of one of Jeskas Record The Day collages and the gift itself- cress seeds held in the tiniest of vessels, cocooned in a printed grow guide and housed in a vintage matchbox lined in liberty print fabric and tied with a beautiful bow. Such a wonderful few minutes were spent admiring the beautiful kindness I held in my hands and feeling very grateful indeed.

I'm really going to enjoy planting these seeds, placing them on our window sill and watching them grow. Thank you so much x

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