Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Forget-me-not part two . . .

.Breathe in.
 .Breathe out.

Niah sleeps with soft classical music, it creeps through the door and in to this room where I sit.
Through the window to my right, trees sway in the breeze, the sky is thick with cloud and if I listen ever-so carefully I can hear bird song quiet and subtle broken intermittently with pauses of silence.

A joyful few hours of my day were spent getting to know a new friend which when I think about it it is an honour and a privilege, for I believe offering and sharing the details of ones self and ones personal journey with openness to someone new often requires a small amount of courage! so for this I feel grateful. I always feel uplifted and inspired by the power of spoken word, this language of communication with which we can learn so much and which ignites a sense of familiarity within our own experiences.

And so, before I go to enjoy a cup of tea before my baby awakes I will share a few more forget-me-not photographs, styled with my treasured Indian wood carving and some of my most favourite pottery.


  1. Thank you for dropping by Louise, and thank you, you were the inspiration :) ..... xx