Monday, 18 May 2015

"Forget-Me-Not" part one . . . .

A tired Monday, feeling quiet in my energy and in my mind, at this moment it is also quiet in the space that surrounds me, raindrops on the window panes, a warming chai tea in my cup and a dreaming baby in the next room. 

 spring brings forth flower joy, over the years I have come to note that that so many of my favourite flowers are spring flowers, Iris's, Tulips, Snow Drops, Blue Bells, Daisies, wild Cow Parsley, Lily of the Valley and Alliums. And then there are the trees, the trees at this time of the year make me almost a bit giddy! Cherry Blossom and Hawthorn Blossom are so very beautiful of course and then come along the Magnolia, the Clematis, the Lilacs and the Wisteria. Wisteria for me steals the show, so visually inspiring the way they fall so sensually from the branch, the colour and the smell are just a delight for the senses.
There is also a modest little flower I have come to love, dainty, delicate and pretty, in the most beautiful shade of blue, the Forget-Me-Not.

 We've got lots of these growing in our garden, making the boarders of our lawn look so lovely. I went out the other day and snipped a few tiny stems to enjoy inside the house and have also pressed a selection to remember Niah's first Spring.

 I've been stealing opportunities during Niah's naps to photograph them in different ways which I will be sharing here, my quiet and humble little corner of the web, thank you for anyone that takes the time to stop by, it means such a lot.
In this shoot I arranged the flowers on this lovely Indian wood carving, I enjoyed taking some of the delicate little flower heads from their stems and scattering them about, I love the tiny supporting leaves that were left behind and also the tiny buds of those petals yet to open. Also the subtle grey colour of the wood, along side the china blue petals and the vibrant green stems made for a really beautiful palette.

Wishing You a wonderful week ahead x

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  1. Absolutely beautiful.....a really delicate and precious little flower.
    Ahhh.....that could have described Niah too :-) x