Monday, 27 April 2015


I talk a lot about being present and centered in the moment, for the present moment is all we have.
Buddhism teaches us to be 'mindful' what does it actually mean to live 'mindfully' ? It means starting to become aware of where our minds are, I might be eating breakfast but my mind is off thinking about a task later in the day, or a conversation that I had yesterday or what I should make for dinner tonight, really I should just be concentrating on my breakfast, enjoying the full experience of eating my breakfast. 

When we really start to pay attention, what we will tend to notice is that more often than not our minds are either dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

There are two opportunities when I'm able to practise mindfulness with ease, one is when I'm with Niah as I quite literally want to be present for each and every second, It's important to me that I'm fully available for her on every level, presence isn't just about being physically there in body, its about being there for her mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Also I want to fully feel and enjoy the experience of every moment with her as they are so precious and she grows and changes so fast!

 And the second is when I'm with nature. The study of a beautiful flower, standing under a mighty tree, admiring wildlife- the birds, the butterflies, and running horses, feeling a gentle breeze flow through me or when the sun warms my face, the sensation of the earth beneath my feet and the grass between my toes, looking up at the moon and gazing at the stars as they twinkle and shine. In these moments I couldn't be more present, I feel every part of the experience of nature so deeply.

 Both having a baby and connecting nature are sure reminders for me of how fleeting the moment actually is, One day Niah needs me to hold her up, the next day she can sit up by her self and no longer needs me for that particular aspect of her existence, one day the blossom is on the branches and the next it's gone, the petals have departed, blown away by the wind, off in to the distance. 

If the moment is fleeting and it is the moments that form the days and weeks of our lives, one can only come to understand that life too is fleeting, like everything else it comes and it goes.
 And so I'm trying as much as possible to be present in the moment, present for my life and for the lives of the ones I hold dear, for the beauty of mother nature and for all of humanity, Imagine the shift in circumstances if everyone were to do the same, being mindful brings about a state a peace, helps us to make better choices and to speak with consideration and kindness, our intentions become not only clear but better, mindfulness helps us to live in a place of gratitude, and gratitude breeds positivity, positivity in turn provides happiness, contentment and joy.

Thank you to the Beautiful living being that gifted me this branch to enjoy in our home, placed by my bedside to admire every morning when I woke and each evening before I slept, not to mention the countless passing by for nappy changes! A reminder to be present and to be mindful, and sure enough within a couple of days the petals had fallen, a cascade to the vintage dresser below, scattering like confetti of some joyous occasion or celebration, the celebration of life in all its fleeting beauty.


  1. Oh my goodness write so beautifully and sum up what many of us feel but can't express.
    I think I will come back and read this over and over again xxxx