Friday, 24 April 2015

layers that shimmer

Niah really knows how to dress for a special occasion.

As much as I love the idea of floating around ethereally in a tutu I realise I've missed my chance, thirty one is a little too old to pursue my ballet dancing dreams, that ship has sailed and so in honour of my birthday realisation that I'll have to wait until my next life for certain things, I thought that Niah would look far prettier in shimmering layers than me.

In the last week she's discovered ............. 

Her feet! She thinks they're just great, and I'd have to agree with her, they're so unbelievably soft and pudgy, wonderful to hold, especially when shes on my back in the sling and we're making our way through the fields and lanes. She can now reach them right to her mouth, and she's loving having a nibble of her toes whilst I'm trying to change her nappy.

At Six and a half months she's not yet showing any desire to crawl, my guess is that she's going to be a 'bottom shuffler' either that or she'll skip the crawling, and get right to the walking, she's so strong on her legs, due partially I think to all the crazy jumping in her door frame bouncer. She's getting some pretty serious cheeks, chubby, soft and round- all the better for kissing, and recently for being smothered in avocado her very first food. Shes a pro at sipping water from her little cup and had three days of saying 'Mama' to my delight and has pretty much refused to say it since.

she makes every day so special, with so much laughter and immeasurable joy, I can easily say this is the most happy time of all of my thirty one years.


  1. What precious photos!!! Those lovely little feet......gorgeous, just like the rest of her :-)
    (You could have a future in studio photography Zoe)

  2. Those feet! I know so soft and chubby :) xx