Sunday, 1 March 2015

Snow Drops

Happy 1st of the Month, Twenty days until equinox and Spring will officially be here. 
On Friday whilst walking, It was just warm enough for me to take Niah out of her pushchair for five minutes during our walk, We sat on a bench in our village green, both of us wrapped up but bathed in sunlight, it was one of those perfect few minutes connecting with that feeling of excitement of what is too come- buds appearing turning brown branches to green, beautiful bulbs bursting with flowers and trees dressed in blossom, bare feet on a bed of grass and daisies, Picnics, buzzing bees, and bird song, and a greater expanse of light, warmth and longer days.

 Snow drops can now be seen, another reminder of the new season. Beautiful green shoots emerging from the dark moist ground, with delicate white petals hanging over like lanterns, illuminating the way for Hope and Strength, New Life, regeneration & regrowth, heralding the oncoming of Spring.

What Are you most looking forward to about Spring?


  1. I love reading your posts Zoe, promise me you'll never stop :-)
    It seems that no matter how old you are...and how many springs you've still get that same excitement, knowing that its on its way. I love everything about it....especially spending time in my garden. I hope you and Niah will come and sit with me sometimes this year.

  2. I love winter so much, but you have me eager for spring now! It's wonderful to watch the earth change around you, especially when you have a little one seeing or understanding it all for the first time :) x

  3. Oh Thank you Linda my faithful reader! :) thank you for always taking the time to stop by and for always leaving such praising comments, you're so kind xx
    Wonderful to know that you are also feeling the excitment of the changing season! Niah and I would love to come and sit with you in your garden, we can teach her about flowers, birds and butterflies :) x

  4. Thank you for popping by here Michelle! Winter is such a special season for me but I'm always ready for Spring by the time Febuarty draws to a close, I believe we're so lucky in this country to have clearly defined seasons . . . .
    And yes I couldnt agree with you more everything holds even more reverence for me now that I have a little one :) xx