Tuesday, 31 March 2015

For the grace that is Spring light . . .

In this part of the country it has been a very wet and blustery start to Spring and so i thought I'd pass by this evening to share some Beautiful Spring time imagery from my Spring moodboard on Pinterest.

If only it were like Mary Poppins with the chalk drawings, without a second thought i would jump in to every one of these images. 
I want to be the girl with delicate flowers in my hair, and hold my hands out for the grace that is spring light, fresh and bright,

Climb in to those faded floral sheets resting my head upon that hand embroidered pillow, and stand beneath those branches watching tiny droplets of spring rain collect on buds a new,

let me hold the intricate work of a tiny birds nest in the palms of my hand whilst standing in a sunbathed meadow dressed in vintage lace, and in the morning may I partake in a breakfast that looks as perfect as that.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Hello Spring

Spring equinox commenced on the 20th bringing the official arrival of Spring and with a wonderful solar eclipse too, did you see it? I loved the way the light changed over the space of the hour, it was so atmospheric and very moving, at the peak I saw the shape of perfect crescent moon over the sun, I was seeing spots for a while after but it was so worth it.

Here are a few words I wrote for my Friends and family to welcome the Spring.

Equinox means 'Equal Night' Day and night are in perfect balance at this time, a representation of our own need for a balanced equilibrium- the ideal state of our being. There is a very powerful energy during this time, an energy available for all of us to tune in, an opportunity to deepen our consciousness, connecting with Mother nature and the universe.

 From here on out days become longer and sunlight increases, a reminder for us that the light always returns. After the darkness of winter and such a long time of quietude, the familiar draw to be within ourselves in a state of hibernation will begin to subside and like the flowers you will feel yourself open out and blossom rewarded in turn by warmth and light.

 Spring Is here! A time of new growth, abundance, plenitude, new light, new life, a fresh start and new beginnings. Love birth and re-birth, a time for choosing 'new and releasing 'old'.

 Take the time to walk barefoot through the grass admiring the daisies as you go, let the sunlight warm your face, stand underneath the trees and admire their show of beautiful blossom blowing gently in the breeze. All around us new shoots are appearing turning stark branches green, plants and flowers that have laid dormant spring back to life in abundance. Animals are soon to have their young bringing forth leaping lambs, ducklings and fluffy chicks. Buzzing bees will soon be hard at work and bird song returns with melody and verse.

What a wonderful time to be alive. Take a few conscious breaths of the warm spring air and root yourself in this powerful energy, let it run right through you and invigorate your soul! Go forth with positivity and light and shine it where ever you go.
 Live in Gratitude. Live in Love. Live in the power of your own Truth. 
Have a Beautiful Spring x

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Somerset Sunset

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Glastonbury to visit our friends. It was wonderful to take Niah to what has become a very special place to me, her first spiritual pilgrimage . . .

We took her up to the top of the Tor, sprinkled her in sacred water from the white spring temple, took her to the ashram one evening for devotional singing and in to the Goddess temple where I first knelt in front of the alter there and prayed to be become pregnant.

 For the last few hours before we returned home we all went for a walk and to watch the sun set It was so very Beautiful.

The wonder of Nature and the depth of It's Beauty will never cease to Amaze me.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mad as a March Hare

Writing in the evening seems to have become a regular feature for updating my blog since my day times have become occupied by a certain little lady.

 That certain little someone is bathed, soft, clean and smells so Beautiful in her freshly laundered all in one, tucked up in the next room. Bedtime breastfeeding, cuddling with cozy covers and breathing her in before she sleeps at night is one of my all time favourite parts of the day. 
And after the house rests still and quiet and I am at peace. And so here I sit, alone and quiet, a small window for me after a busy day.

I treated my self to this little hare from CachePot the little boutique and tea room in our village to celebrate the new season.

 In conversation the other day I discovered that Alex had never heard of the phrase 'Mad as a March Hare' which I learnt In country Living Magazine is a phrase that's been around for 600 years and is due to female brown hares at this time of the year that are seen leaping and boxing with potential male suitors to test their strength as a potential mate! I say we adopt the same leaping zestiness, perhaps not for the same reason but just to celebrate the oncoming of spring.

 My little hare took residency alongside my favourite Ivy plant in its vintage pewter pot, a saved fentimans bottle containing the tightly wrapped petals of an unopened daffodil and a few spring styled magazine tears.

He has a sweet little face with hand painted whiskers and a tactile jute jacket that might in the future be used as a pin cushion beside my sewing machine, he might one day belong to Niah but for now he can be seen making his way around a number of locations in the house reminding us to adopt a zest for life and that spring is soon on its way.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Snow Drops

Happy 1st of the Month, Twenty days until equinox and Spring will officially be here. 
On Friday whilst walking, It was just warm enough for me to take Niah out of her pushchair for five minutes during our walk, We sat on a bench in our village green, both of us wrapped up but bathed in sunlight, it was one of those perfect few minutes connecting with that feeling of excitement of what is too come- buds appearing turning brown branches to green, beautiful bulbs bursting with flowers and trees dressed in blossom, bare feet on a bed of grass and daisies, Picnics, buzzing bees, and bird song, and a greater expanse of light, warmth and longer days.

 Snow drops can now be seen, another reminder of the new season. Beautiful green shoots emerging from the dark moist ground, with delicate white petals hanging over like lanterns, illuminating the way for Hope and Strength, New Life, regeneration & regrowth, heralding the oncoming of Spring.

What Are you most looking forward to about Spring?