Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I'm still here . . . .

With a husband away in Russia and a quiet baby asleep in the next room I'm here on this mid-week night trying to gather my thoughts, thoughts that are hard to access, drifting somewhere in this tired mind. 

Over the last few weeks I've found myself in a place of trying to find balance.

Almost every second of my time is spent taking care of Niah, her existence has all but consumed my existence and I wouldn't have it any other way, I've given myself to her completely and I always knew I'd be that type of Mother. But that doesn't mean to say that some times this can leave me feeling a little off balance. After-all I'm not only a Muma I'm also- A Wife. A Daughter. A Sister. A Friend. There is House work. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Laundry. And Exercise to think about,With the addition of, Time to be Social. Time for Creativity. and most importantly Time for Me. I keep thinking about those super moms who do all this plus 'bake cakes for the village fair' How do they do it?

Looking After Niah is the easy part, I'm loving every second of my journey through mumahood, It's everything else on the list that's tricky.    

  Everything in the physical realm will come back in to balance soon enough and I am in no way rushing to the future when Niah is older, time is going by too quickly already! So for now all that needs to balance is my mind, and my thoughts. To accept what is, know that I'm doing my best and hopefully without the attached feelings of guilt.

My blog posts may be sporadic , just know that I'm still here . . . . .  


  1. You said it all......accept what is and keep a sense of balance. You'll know when it's time to do all those other things.X

  2. Thank you Linda I'm doing my very best ;) xx