Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Early Moments Of Spring In Grey Winter Light

Instagram A lost community found for this digital age.

  On there I have found many authors of the blogs I already follow as well as a whole happy, joyful, creative community of lovely new ones. 

A constant stream running all through the day of Beautiful Images, and everybody is so warm and supportive of each other with their comments I've found it so inspiring.

These last few weeks I've noticed lots of people counting down the days until spring, I absolutely Love Winter and am in no rush for its departure, but like so many I have enjoyed a few early moments of spring, Like my Hyacinth bulbs starting to open.

Photographed in the grey Winters light creating a Beautiful harmony of two seasons.

Wishing you so much peace during the transition of the seasons.

1 comment:

  1. The hyacinths take on a whole new look from above....lovely!
    I agree, this has been a rather lovely winter; lots of gorgeous blue skies to contrast with a little snow. Perfect for taking photos :-) xx