Thursday, 29 January 2015

Scandi Sophistication with an Ethnic twist

One of my best Christmas gifts this year was a subscription to one of my favourite magazines, Elle Decoration, Now each month my heart races a little when I hear the loud Thud as it falls from the letter box and hits the ground below. One of my all time simple pleasures is to sit with a cup of tea and turn the pages of a good home interiors magazine.

A beautiful home was featured this month, I instantly loved it, the mass use of white, mixed with natural wood and elements of nature, furs, throws and upcycled furniture pieces, rustic yet clean, busy but not cluttered. 
Scandinavian sophistication but with an ethnic twist- Perfect.

Feeling a sense a familiarity As I read the article I realised that I actually follow Paulina Arcklin, a wonderful photographer and stylist, on Instagram, her feed is Gorgeous you can find it Here. She also has a lovely Blog.

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  1. Thanks for the link....such a wonderful blog! Are you following her on Pinterest too?