Sunday, 25 January 2015


Time flies by for me now in the blink of an eye. Every body said that time goes fast when you have a baby and raise children but you don't fully understand just how fast until you are experiencing it first hand.

Niah Is sixteen weeks old today.
 she's fully out of the tiny new baby phase, she no longer lays quietly with her eyes closed a tiny little petite bundle with knees tucked up to her tummy and fists tightly closed.

She's getting so big and her cheeks are getting chubby, she kicks her legs, waves her arms, gurgles and shouts. She reaches out to hold my hand while I breastfeed her and stares deep in to my eyes. She smiles big and beaming a gummy smile from ear to ear. Just this week she's learnt to hold  things in her hands and is now happy to have a set nap time and evening bed time after a splash in the tub.  When I go to greet her after she wakes from her nap she's so very pleased to see me, smiling and cooing she reaches up and holds my cheeks in her tiny pudgy hands in these moments I could cry with joy I feel of being so blessed to be her Mama.

Every second with her is blessed moment every minute is a joy, the hours spent with her are my favourite hours of the day and every day that draws to a close is another added to what I know will be the best time of my life.


  1. You're a wonderful mother.....and she is a lucky girl.
    Lovely photos...... xx

  2. Thank you she's a wonderful little soul . . . . makes it easy :) xxx