Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Beautiful Skies And A Covering Of Snow

Autumn was slow to fade this year with warm temperatures and golden leaves that seemed determined to last. 
Winter Solstice arrived on the 21st and temperatures dropped leaving us since with bare branches in strong winds that blow, ice cold frost and a sprinkling of snow. 
A few inspiring words I wrote for this years Solstice . . . .

 You may find your selves retreating indoors but also inward.
A time of quietude and fireside dreaming.
 Seeds germinate deep beneath the ground, whilst icicles form above.

 Both us and the land become still under a coverlet of snow.

Winter sunlight warms not our bodies but our souls and at night the stars shine bright.

 Although there is a natural pull to be indoors notice also the draw to wrap up warm and go for walks for now is the best time, while the land lays quiet you may find a deeper connection both with nature and with your self, your higher self.

 Breathe. Be still. Be conscious. Be in gratitude. And feel the Love x


  1. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures! I think nature has a powerful way of clearing your mind and putting things back into perspective x

  2. Thank you so much! Yes me too! I always feel so Amazing when I return from a walk as I have been able to connect with my self on so many levels, Nature offers us so much x