Monday, 18 August 2014

The Last Days Of summer . . . . .

Counting down these last days of summer, 
the branches on the trees sway with leaves still green, the sun shinning through golden and bright but there's a renewed freshness in the air, it's slightly more crisp, especially in the evening when day turns to night, perhaps you've found your self reaching for your cardigan or have even pulled on some warm woollen socks.
On our street the sound of the ice cream van can still be heard along with the joyous shouts and laughter of children enjoying their last few weeks of freedom, it wont be long before they return to school with crisp white shirts and freshly sharpened pencils.
 Today I have found myself thinking about the approaching change of season, which for Alex and I will bring not only the general joy of Autumn but also our first wedding anniversary and the birth of our first baby. 
And so before we take an Almighty leap in to a new and exciting phase of our lives, I'll be spending these next few weeks enjoying the last days of summer, being centred in the present but also with a little reflection, of how every moment we've shared this summer no matter how simple, such as sitting in the garden together both quietly reading, meals we've shared together at our kitchen table, the films we've laughed at and the walks we've had hand in hand, among the many Beautiful flowers we've seen, have all been so greatly enhanced by the excitement of my growing tummy, our little baby inside and the anticipation of what's in store for us!

 Flower photography from various walks this summer . . . . . .

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  1. So good to hear from someone who appreciates their life so two will make wonderful parents. xx