Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Raindrops . . . .

Yesterday saw the last summer bank holiday of the year and here In Derbyshire It was none stop rain from morning until night, maybe not the most perfectly timed day for such a down pour, so many will have felt let down.

I always notice that when It's raining people tend to say 'what a horrible day' 'what a miserable day' 'It's awful out there!'

But is this always a fair and accurate description?
If you allow your self be a part of the more subtle layers of our reality you will begin to notice that there is Beauty to be found in almost anything, at any time, anywhere.

Beauty. Abundance. Vitality. Growth. Reflection. Light. Grace. Wonder.

Let us look that little bit closer to find Joy and positivity even when things seem grey.

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  1. Wonderful, wise words........and stunning images. I especially love the last one..... xx