Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hand Knitted Bambino Clothes . . . . .

I'm still learning and these patterns are by no means technical, but I would now feel comfortable to say I have taught my self to knit baby clothes! 

I tend to be quite hard on my self when learning something new and this process has not come naturally to me, I've had many a 'melt down' where I've found my self in a tangled, knotted mess but now looking at what I have produced I'm quite proud :)

 I made the cardigan, hat and bootie set in 100% cotton yarn, which feels so soft and lovely. By using simple Garter stitch a wonderful texture has been created further enhanced by the multi dyed yarn that flows with a linea like quality in Beautiful white and grey tones. The Mother of Pearl buttons were my husbands suggestion, which amused me greatly, he's much more in touch with his feminine side than I had realised and don't they finish it off perfectly.

And Below A simple jumper, with accompanying hat and booties made in pure white baby wool, again super soft and snugly. I love the modern wide arm, block-like shape and the simple cotton tape used to tie the back neck is a lovely feature.

I cant wait to dress our baby in these, Its 10 weeks today until our due date. Having entered the third trimester I'm feeling very tired with a lot of aching in my body, I've had a fair few difficult days and definitely need to take it easy, but will definitely drop by here as regularly as I can, hope all is well with you?

 *All of the patterns featured have been taken from 
'Simple Knits For Cherished Babies' By Erika Knight.*


  1. They are lovely Zoe......well done you! Clearly made with love; what a lucky baby. XX

  2. It’s looking awesome!! Yes @Linda she made it with love, so that it’s looking awesome. But unfortunately maximum people depend on machine made or purchase from market. I am also depending on market and ordered one form "Creativeartycrafts(dot)com". Hope it will good for me.