Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Calming Neutrals

Hello, I hope that this week is treating you well so far. 
I have been resting every day and plan to continue resting for a while, I've been so busy recently with home improvements, that I've been left feeling really tired. And although the jobs have been creative and enjoyable I think I've over-done it a little, being six and a half months pregnant it's important for me to keep that work/rest balance now more than ever!

Alex and I agreed from the start that we wouldn't find out the sex of our little one and would instead look forward to the surprise of discovering whether we have a little boy or a little girl when our baby arrives this Autumn. And so I've been collecting lots of Beautiful neutral baby clothes, in Gorgeous shades of grey, beige's, creams and white, these colours are so calming and have been really inspirational to me, I set about revamping our home to have the same relaxed, neutral feel in time for when the baby is born. I've felt that it will create the perfect backdrop for photographing the baby which of course is going to happen a lot! and also when the baby is a little older I plan to work from home making arts and crafts and I now feel that I have the perfect setting to photograph those too.
And so here is our sitting room, it isn't quite finished, I still need to frame some photo's and pictures but this is how it looks so far . . . . . .

We've painted our feature wall this Lovely calming shade which I would describe as a soft stone.

I've repainted Alex's 'man cave' cupboard with a 'shabby' effect.

One of my most favourite interior design books 'A life less ordinary' has also served as a great inspiration source.

I've misted these dried hydrangea's with a fine white veil of paint, accompanied by a stack of pebbles from Worthing beach and some poppy seed heads, I love to style our home with natures treasures.

I brought these hand crafted clay vases for £1.50 from a carbooot sale a few weeks ago, aren't they Beautiful, notice how the artist has used their thumb and index finger to pinch and form the edges and the design has actually been pressed and printed in to the clay using real leaves.

I've given our foot stool an update by not only painting the legs but also the actual upholstery fabric, I've used white and grey to roughly depict the floral pattern in a more subtle and abstract way, and then finished around the edges with this lovely trim which features real tiny sea shells.

I'm So happy with how the room feels- so serene, relaxing and calm.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Recipe Pages

Here are a few more of my mood board style recipe pages, the apple recipes I will save until the Autumn when the UK trees are harvested and the apples will taste wonderful being both local and in season.
But now is the time for strawberries, and strawberry frozen yogurt or a slice of fresh strawberry cheese cake is sounding really good to me!