Friday, 27 June 2014


Hello and Happy Friday, the weekend is here, hope it's a lovely one for you.

This Wednesday saw me reach my 24th week of pregnancy, in three months time we welcome our little bundle of love in to the world. As the due date creeps closer and closer Alex and I have become busier and busier, preparing our home for the new arrival, decorating, organising and ticking things off our list, I am in serious 'nesting' mode and it must be contagious because Alex says that he is too :)

Photographs of our latest home improvements to come, but for now I just wanted to share some photos that I took last month, its been grey clouds and rain here all day, so lets have some bright light and pretty flowers to cheer things up a bit . . . . . .

Further down on our street stands a really Lovey house which Becomes even Lovelier every May time when dressed in a fine gown of Wisteria. Wisteria flowers are loved by many, they are Beautiful in their colouring, emit a really lovely fragrance and are quite strikingly dramatic in the way they cascade down to greet you from up high.
Wisteria flowers are used in Feng Shui and are said to represent balance and calmness, creating harmony in your mind body and spirit.

These last three photos are my favourite, you may have come to notice that my photography style favours the fine detail shots, I love capturing these sorts of images.
In Buddhism Wisteria flowers are said to bring to mind our need for peace, quiet and time to honour the divine essence of who we are, for me These images really capture this ideal, I'm thinking I may feature them in our newly decorated bedroom which features a grey/lavender coloured wall.

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