Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Harmony Ball

The house is quiet and still, interrupted only by the sound of clippity clop horse shoes  passing briefly by the front window on my left and the gentle breeze in the trees of the back yard to my right. There are both grey clouds and bright sun as the weather tries to decide what will happen next but I sense a down poor of rain is imminent. My bump presses gently against the desk while I write as my baby lays sleeping contently inside.
I was given the most Beautiful gift this weekend by a most special and much loved friend. A Harmony Ball.

 Harmony Ball pendants have been worn for century's by pregnant women in the Balinese and Mexican cultures, a tradition which has now spread to many other parts of the world. Typically created in silver, the pendant is hand made, constructed with an internal bell like sphere which Emits a very subtle but audible sound with movement, much like the calming sound of wind chimes in a soft breeze. The Harmony ball is worn at a long length over the pregnant woman's stomach, and from 16-20 weeks the unborn baby is able to hear the soft chimes and is soothed by the calming sounds, how Beautiful!

 After the arrival of the baby, the length at which the pendant has been worn is shortened to rest low on the chest, while breast feeding the baby is able to reach up and play with the harmony ball creating the sound she will recognise from being inside the womb, the sound will also be heard whilst the baby is being rocked to sleep. In the original cultures the harmony ball is passed from mothers to daughters and becomes a most treasured family heirloom.
I find the whole idea so very Beautiful and am absolutely loving wearing this thoughtful gift, the sound it makes is so lovely and every time makes me think of my little baby inside, filling me with so much Love x

Thank you Rhiannon x

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  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift......so precious. xx