Friday, 27 June 2014


Hello and Happy Friday, the weekend is here, hope it's a lovely one for you.

This Wednesday saw me reach my 24th week of pregnancy, in three months time we welcome our little bundle of love in to the world. As the due date creeps closer and closer Alex and I have become busier and busier, preparing our home for the new arrival, decorating, organising and ticking things off our list, I am in serious 'nesting' mode and it must be contagious because Alex says that he is too :)

Photographs of our latest home improvements to come, but for now I just wanted to share some photos that I took last month, its been grey clouds and rain here all day, so lets have some bright light and pretty flowers to cheer things up a bit . . . . . .

Further down on our street stands a really Lovey house which Becomes even Lovelier every May time when dressed in a fine gown of Wisteria. Wisteria flowers are loved by many, they are Beautiful in their colouring, emit a really lovely fragrance and are quite strikingly dramatic in the way they cascade down to greet you from up high.
Wisteria flowers are used in Feng Shui and are said to represent balance and calmness, creating harmony in your mind body and spirit.

These last three photos are my favourite, you may have come to notice that my photography style favours the fine detail shots, I love capturing these sorts of images.
In Buddhism Wisteria flowers are said to bring to mind our need for peace, quiet and time to honour the divine essence of who we are, for me These images really capture this ideal, I'm thinking I may feature them in our newly decorated bedroom which features a grey/lavender coloured wall.

Friday, 20 June 2014


It's funny how things can manifest in your life sometimes, On Wednesday I mentioned to Alex that I'd like some colourful flowers to brighten up the boarders in our garden and the very next day I opened the door to my friend who had come to visit and there she stood armed with a tray of Beautiful Dahlia's! With the sun shinning bright and my clean washing blowing on the line, I sat very content this morning planting these lovelies, and thinking of all the things I have to be grateful for.

Would Dahlia be a pretty girls name? hmmmm . . . . .

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Harmony Ball

The house is quiet and still, interrupted only by the sound of clippity clop horse shoes  passing briefly by the front window on my left and the gentle breeze in the trees of the back yard to my right. There are both grey clouds and bright sun as the weather tries to decide what will happen next but I sense a down poor of rain is imminent. My bump presses gently against the desk while I write as my baby lays sleeping contently inside.
I was given the most Beautiful gift this weekend by a most special and much loved friend. A Harmony Ball.

 Harmony Ball pendants have been worn for century's by pregnant women in the Balinese and Mexican cultures, a tradition which has now spread to many other parts of the world. Typically created in silver, the pendant is hand made, constructed with an internal bell like sphere which Emits a very subtle but audible sound with movement, much like the calming sound of wind chimes in a soft breeze. The Harmony ball is worn at a long length over the pregnant woman's stomach, and from 16-20 weeks the unborn baby is able to hear the soft chimes and is soothed by the calming sounds, how Beautiful!

 After the arrival of the baby, the length at which the pendant has been worn is shortened to rest low on the chest, while breast feeding the baby is able to reach up and play with the harmony ball creating the sound she will recognise from being inside the womb, the sound will also be heard whilst the baby is being rocked to sleep. In the original cultures the harmony ball is passed from mothers to daughters and becomes a most treasured family heirloom.
I find the whole idea so very Beautiful and am absolutely loving wearing this thoughtful gift, the sound it makes is so lovely and every time makes me think of my little baby inside, filling me with so much Love x

Thank you Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Birthday Celebration Part two . . . .

Just dropping by briefly to share a few more images of my crafting from Alex's Birthday celebration. A gift, wrapped in brown paper, doily's and string and a hand made card featuring an origami heart and carefully chosen words from a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice one of my all time favourites. All being well I am aiming to open a little online store before the baby arrives which will stock some of my hand made cards as well as other hand made items. . .

Take care for now. Enjoy the sunshine.

Monday, 9 June 2014

A Birthday Celebration

Hello Monday people, here's hoping this post finds you well after a happy weekend, what did you get up to?
  I always think a good weekend is consisted of getting the right balance between being productive and feeling the satisfaction of ticking things off that ever present 'To Do List' as well of plenty of rest, relaxation and down time, some alone and some with the ones you love. It doesn't happen every time but this weekend it seemed we managed to get the balance just right . . .

. . . . . On Friday celebrating my Lovely Husbands birthday, A relaxing morning at home home opening cards and gifts followed by a gentle wander in Nottingham, lunch at Delilah and cocktails and desert out on the rooftop deck at saltwater.
 . . . . . On Saturday running errands, food shopping for the week ahead and finishing off some jobs in the house and garden.
 . . . . . And on Sunday catching up with some dear friends amidst the sunshine and flowers in our back yard , and in the evening with family over a lovely Thai meal at Tarn Thai.

Birthdays are truly special I believe, It's the one day of the year to celebrate the birth of *You* your existence, your life here on this earth, your happiness, your attributes, your joy, your loveliness. And that's why we celebrate with someone we love and care about on their birthday, and honour them with a thoughtfully written card and a gift we hope will make them smile because we want to acknowledge all of the above and show them that we do!

 A little birthday tradition of mine is to decorate our sitting room so that when Alex walks in, in the morning he feels that real sense of celebration. I like to put my time and love in to hand making the decorations, these hearts, chains and lanterns have been made from a selection of vintage book pages and sheet music I've collected over the years.

Do you have any birthday traditions to honour the ones you love? . . 

Have a Lovely day.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Recipe Pages . . .

All My talk of summer yesterday and it has poured with rain all day today. Reuben and I have been hiding out in my art room for most of the day, I've been adding to a project I started a while back. I like to cut and save recipes featured in magazines, I have a nice collection, mostly vegetarian recipes and cakes as I love to bake. I wanted to archive them in a visually beautiful way rather than just stapling them to a page or putting them in a plastic sleeve and so I've created moodboard style/scrap book pages by collaging them together with other lovely magazine and catalogue tears. I've really enjoyed the process, I had forgotten just how much, as I used to love creating books like this when I was at college and Uni. I thought I might continue to post them on here as a regular feature, feel free to zoom in and try out the recipes your self.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes & Early Summer Poppies

Hello Happy Tuesday to You, We've subtly stepped in to the first month of a new season had you noticed? The transition from spring to summer often seems to meld in to one and we notice it so much less than the others when you think about it, for example how much do we welcome the relief of warm days and green buds on previously stark branches as we move from winter to spring. And our attention is always captured when the colours change from summer brights to autumn golds as we experience that first feeling of wanting to wear cosy socks and boots instead of sandals, at the cross over from summer to Autumn, Where as we seem to slip from spring to summer very softly and quietly.
What is your favourite thing about the summer time? So many of us will be getting excited about our holidays, the promise of longer days and warm nights, sun kissed skin and fresh summer produce. I welcomed the new season on Sunday by baking strawberry cheesecake cupcakes for our cousins Birthday BBQ, a little too much sugar for me but much enjoyed by the rest of the family. Also I couldn't help but admire, the Beauty of bright red poppies with their paper thin petals that have come up just in time for summer. My favourite of all wild flowers I find the poppy to be so enchanting, they are so delicate in their structure, that tall thin stem and such delicate petals that with a strong breeze will be gone, blown off in to the distance. 
Nature is a wonderful reminder of the impermanence of all things, the fragility of life, and the importance of making each moment count, there is so much Beauty to be found in present moment awareness, so much grace and wonder and a deeper connection to our selves and others if we can aim to construct the days of our life's in this way.