Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cow Parsley

I Love the spring, Wild flowers, warm temperatures, bright sun and cloudless skies, buzzing bees, butterflies, fluffy ducklings, bouncing lambs and baby chicks. I'm a spring baby so have always felt a connection with this season, I love how alive everything feels, It's always such a welcome relief after the starkness of winter. Cow Parsley grows in mass at this time of the year, under-rated and easy to dismiss, but next time you get the chance take the time to look a little closer, it really is quite Beautiful with each flower head made up of tiny individual snowflake like flowers, pure white, so delicate and very pretty, it smells really lovely too especially after a light spring shower.


  1. How alike are we?! We both wrote posts about our love for cow parsley :-D
    Beautiful photos.....

  2. I know! When I got home I read your post and couldn't believe that we'd even used very similar wording!