Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cow Parsley

I Love the spring, Wild flowers, warm temperatures, bright sun and cloudless skies, buzzing bees, butterflies, fluffy ducklings, bouncing lambs and baby chicks. I'm a spring baby so have always felt a connection with this season, I love how alive everything feels, It's always such a welcome relief after the starkness of winter. Cow Parsley grows in mass at this time of the year, under-rated and easy to dismiss, but next time you get the chance take the time to look a little closer, it really is quite Beautiful with each flower head made up of tiny individual snowflake like flowers, pure white, so delicate and very pretty, it smells really lovely too especially after a light spring shower.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

An Art Inspired Afternoon Tea

Last week I visited London for a couple of days, Alex had booked a two night stay in a hotel in Kensington for a business trip so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do lots of my favourite London things and catch up with my good friend Laura who I hadn't seen for ages. We wandered around the graffiti art filled streets of the east end, in and out of vintage shops and had the most delicious authentic Indian meal. The next day I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican which was really amazing, followed by a walk around covent garden, Soho and Regents Street where it was lovely to visit Liberty and Anthropologie, but the absolute highlight of the trip, Laura surprised me with a 30th birthday treat of afternoon tea! I've held many of my own at home but have always wanted the real experience of high tea in London and it was Fabulous! 
From the busy hustle and bustle of the west end we stepped in to the venue and found our selves in a serene enchanted forest! The magical surroundings of this woodland themed bar- The Glade at Sketch has been designed by Artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieuprovides and is just the most idyllic setting for afternoon tea and cocktails-
(for those who are not pregnant)
The Beautiful texture and depth of tone and colour of the walls takes the form of a magical fairy-tale forest created using découpage. Taking inspiration from the early 20th century method, the artists painted, enlarged and reversed their design, printing it onto hundreds of metres of paper. Each piece is hand-cut, and découpaged to the walls. The room is styled with delicate 50s rattan furniture, from the South of France, and luxuriously sumptuous cushions and curtains. The experience of being in there was so awe inspiring I felt like I had literally fell down the rabbit hole and entered another place entirely!

The tiny cakes, and pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and tea were so pretty and SO very tasty. My favourite was the cucumber, ricotta and asparagus sandwich and the sultana scone which I smothered in clotted cream and home made fig jam and washed down with chai tea, best of all- you are welcome to keep reordering your favourites until your hearts content and your tummy is satisfied! It's a wonder the baby had any room by the time I'd finished.

Thank you Laura It was such a Beautiful afternoon, what an amazing memory that will be with me always x

*All Images are from the sketch website*

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Lights of Love at Dusk

. Breath in . Breath Out .
At Dusk the world slows down, It is at this time I feel I can re-balance and find my centre, Hear my thoughts and reflect on my day. Was it a good day? Did I smile? Did I show Love? Was I present? Did i make this day count?
. Breath in . Breath Out .

Tonight my contemplations were held in the space of our Beautiful garden, Out of the back door and just a couple of paces is my own nature retreat, Beneath the branches and the Lights of Love at Dusk.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Bluebells and Strawberries

Blue bells from the garden, Organic strawberries and fresh pastries. Hot Chai in my favourite mug whilst catching up after so long with a favourite friend. A tidy house ready for the weekend, candles lit, incense burning and a new book to hold in my hand.
I've felt our baby moving for the first time this week, like butterflies and bubbles in my tummy, I love that at this stage only I can feel it, something so special to be shared between just me and my baby. Today as I washed the dishes I was very aware for the first time of my bump pressing against the sink, something so simple can bring such delight when it comes to this little life growing inside me, It's such an amazing experience that every little thing seems so exciting.