Thursday, 24 April 2014

The reason I've been away for so long . . . . . . .

Hello I'm back, It's been so long. The last time I sat here writing, the branches outside my window were bare, now as I look out, everything is so green, lush and alive. Spring is here in all its glory blooming and blossoming with new life. New life is also growing within me, we're having a baby! I'm 15 weeks pregnant and growing ever so slightly every day, I have a small round bump which I can now hold and stroke. This is the first time I have felt able to sit and write, my first trimester was very difficult with all day nausea making it difficult to function in every way. Those symptoms seem to have passed now thank goodness and although i'm still feeling very tired I hope to be able to keep up with much of what I had planned creatively when starting this blog, I'll see how it goes . . .
This is our first baby and both Alex and I are so excited to meet our little bundle of joy this Autumn. Above you can see the first photo of baby Hooley, taken at our scan a few weeks ago, it was so Beautiful and amazing to see our teeny baby moving around on the screen, it gave me such a lift. I've been teaching my self to knit baby clothes as you can see from the little booties, I can't wait to dress our baby in garments I've made lovingly by hand it feels so organic, and so special.
The sun has just burst out from behind the clouds where it's been hiding all morning so i shall set off now for a gentle stroll, Have a lovely day won't you.

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