Saturday, 22 February 2014


The sun is shining bright and Beautiful here, lighting up the bare branches of the twisted willow outside my art room window, Golden orange and brown against the clear blue sky.
The other day I mentioned our cat Reuben, It's nice to put a face to a name I always think, so here he is . . . . 

We Joke that we got him on special offer at Asda, One Sunday morning while doing our shopping, the couple in the queue behind us loaded litter and kitten food on to the check out conveyer, I said to the guy 'oooohh do u have a kitten!' and he said 'Yes do you want it?' and i said Yes thinking he was joking, turned out they had one left from their cats litter who was due to be homed that day but the lady had dropped out, I fluttered my eyelashes at Alex, we went to go and see him and the rest is history. He's a sweet boy and very much loved! It's a wonderful thing to have an animal in your life, he's a lovely friend of mine.

Friday, 21 February 2014

A Miniture Man Cave

The weekend is here! Do you have that Friday feeling? Any nice plans? We're going out tonight for dinner. We are real 'home birds' and I actually quite frequently tend to cross the line into hermit like behavior at which point it's time to shake things up a bit! we're always really impressed if we find our selves out at the weekend! (anyone would think we're pensioners) Even though our Friday evenings are usually spent at home, we always still refer to them as our 'Date Night' like when we were first together, 
we light candles for dinner, play music, eat tasty food and take extra time to chat and catch up and then usually snuggle up for a film, making it my favorite night of the week.

Before I go and get ready I'd like to share some images of another recent home improvement project. I wish I had a before picture to show you, we brought this cupboard from an advert on Gumtree for £10. It was old fashioned but not in a good way, dark wood veneer with gold ring handles, Using spray paint and some pretty hand painted door knobs I brought in India it has been completely transformed.

The cupboard is for Alex, he enjoys having his 'Man Cave Time' when he first gets home from work, ideally he would love a little room of his own to retreat in to, but for now he will have to make do with this lovely cupboard his wife made for him, which when opened contains a small flat screen, his playstation and games, war books and violent films, all of the things I'm so happy to tuck away neatly behind closed doors when he's finished.

Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy your weekend. x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hand Sewn and Hand Painted

Are you having a good week so far? Alex has been away in Latvia so it's just been Reuben and I (Reuben is our cat) I've been enjoying wearing his dressing gown to keep warm (Alex's, not Reubens!) It's been so cold! Just thought I'd drop by this evening to share some pictures of the dining area in our kitchen, I'm waiting for an artwork to go next to the chalk board and we'd like to put up some shelving but I'm really happy with how it's coming together.

We got the black frames and little Ganesh In India. And I made the chalk board from a picture I found at the side of the road! I painted the gold gilded frame grey and the picture had been printed on to wood so that was the perfect surface to cover with blackboard paint.

The Dining table has been lent to us by our friends  who had it in storage. The dining chairs are solid wood we got them last weekend for £30, from a local Antique/ Junk shop, I part-painted them in grey gloss and reupholstered the seats, now they're a perfect combination of vintage and modern.

I hand stitched these doilies together to make a runner to finish off the table.

 It's been such a pleasure to boil water for tea in my new whistling kettle and sit down with a hot cup and a magazine in the lovely surroundings of our dining area, there's so much satisfaction to be found when you've put your time and love in to hand making something beautiful and original.

Enjoy the rest of the week, keep warm, borrow a loved ones jumper or dressing gown perhaps . . . .

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Home Improvements

We are firmly in to February, the last month of winter, I try as much as possible to honour and embrace each and every season, we're so lucky to have clearly defined seasons in this country, having said this I have to admit I have been daydreaming lately about spring with it's warmer temperatures, longer, lighter days and the promise of new life. Like so many in the animal world I have been in full-on hibernation mode through the entirety of January, leaving friends and family feeling a little neglected I have simply felt like home is the only place I've wanted to be, although I've not been curled up sleeping, I've been really busy with creative projects, decorating, sewing, making, spray-painting, glossing, reupholstering, tidying and arranging. It feels great to see the results of ideas I've had in my mind for so long. Our kitchen was in desperate need of some attention, The walls were dingy and definitely needed a coat of paint and I have had the same cream 'country kitchen' style appliances for the last ten years! I decided on a theme of modern/industrial, Black & Grey with Copper. I spray-painted the old scratched silver cupboard door handles matt black, made a curtain to cover our bin area and we treated our selves to a Delonghi toaster, and a whistling kettle which I've wanted for years.

I like the contrast of mixing expensive pieces with second hand items, antiques and up-cycled aspects, I've always enjoyed styling our home in this way. I Love that you can instantly change the look of something to fit in better with your new theme as simply as adding a coat of paint, our fruit bowls, wire egg hen & weighing scales all had a revamp with copper spray paint.

Even these previously white Ikea pots got some spray-paint action.
I'm going to use them to make a herb garden on the windowsill.

Now I just need some art and other finishing touches which will evolve over time, I just hope I don't come to regret the masculine colour palette in the lightness of spring and summer! I'm in such a winter mode at the moment, do you ever find your self making big decisions based on current and often fleeting inspirations?