Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Simple Things That Mean So Much . . .

There's an icy nip in the air and today for the first time we had a small sprinkle of snow. With tights under my jeans and my under layers tucked in to my tights, I braved the cold to pop in to the village for provisions, when I say provisions what I really mean is comfort food the type that nourishes the soul as well as your tummy and is so often desired in the winter months. A cinnamon swirl pastry with a cup of cherry blend coffee was enjoyed as a mid morning treat and in the afternoon a warming bowl of butternut squash and sweet potato soup with fresh beetroot and apple bread.
Alex has been away in Greece for the last four days, just before he left I was so happy to discover he had left me a surprise on the bed, a Beautiful plant to bring a little colour during these dark days and the latest issue of Elle Decoration one of my favorite magazines. It's these little acts of love and kindness that mean big things to me and my heart. Other little gifts my husband often surprise me with might include a box of my favorite herbal tea, a hand picked flower, a thoughtfully chosen pebble from the beach or a beautiful feather, all of which bring me so much happiness and joy, for me it's the simple things that mean so much.


  1. Beautiful have a special talent. x

  2. PS Where did you get that bread from? :-D

  3. Thank you so much Linda :) the bread is from the Coop bakery and really delicious! Perhaps you could recreate a gluten free version!